Legoland Windsor Family Day Out

My little man Josiah turns 5 next week, so we decided to visit Legoland Windsor for the first time.  As AA members we received up to 40% off ticket price.

Adults from £28.80, children from £26.28 after member discount.  We bought 2 adult tickets and 1 child ticket.  Our little girl Annaliese is under 3, so had free entry.

We also had to pay £5 for a standard car park ticket. Our total cost was £88.88.  It still worked out cheaper than Legoland prices below:

LEGOLAND Windsor Resort One Day Tickets
We headed off on Saturday and the journey took about 45 minutes. We arrived around 9.30am and managed to get a parking spot close to the entrance.

The weather wasn’t looking too promising, it rained for a while and then we had sunny intervals. Overall it wasn’t too bad.  We picked up our tickets and browsed some of the stores before the official opening time of 10am.


Now the queuing begins….

Some highlights of our activities:


We arrived at Vikings’ River Splash and then realised  you must be a minimum of 1.0m to ride.  So off went Josiah and daddy and  I had to wait with Annaliese.  She wasn’t too happy! Waiting time was around 20 minutes!  I had to check the Little Explorer’s Guide for Kids Under 3 for rides most suitable for under 3’s and no minimum height restriction. If you don’t fancy getting wet, you can purchase a poncho for £3.50.

Vikings’ River Splash

Pirate Shores

Jolly Rocker is a high swinging pirate galleon that will test your nerves… and your stomach! Sailors must have a head for heights! I don’t like heights so I stayed with Annaliese.  Waiting time was around 15 minutes.  Josiah really enjoyed this.  At the end of the day, he said this was his favourite ride!

Jolly Rocker
Jolly Rocker


Aero Nomad

This desert balloon ride offers a birds-eye view of the Park.  I decided to brave this one.  Waiting time was around 20 minutes.  Kids were getting a bit restless at this point.

Aero Nomad
Aero Nomad

Scarab Bouncers

Brave Scarab-Bouncers and be catapulted nearly 15 feet in the air in an indoor ride that transports you to another dimension, with the sights and sounds of ancient Egypt. Waiting time was around 5 minutes.

Scarab Bouncers
Scarab Bouncers

Desert Chase

Carousel ride.  Waiting time was around 15 minutes.

Desert Chase
Desert Chase



After watching a road safety video, children aged 3 -5 drive electric cars around a realistic course.  This was a very popular ride and waiting time was around 30 minutes.  At the end, they all earn their very own LEGOLAND Driving Licence. You have to pay £10 for a “proper” licence which includes a photocard. I didn’t bother with all that.



Miniland contains the greatest concentration of LEGO® bricks in the park.  Nearly 40 million pieces have been used to recreate scenes from the USA and Europe, all bustling with sounds, traffic, trains and boats.

Mini Land
Mini Land

We proceeded to IMAGINATION CENTRE  for the Imagination Theatre but it was closed due to technical difficulties.  We were looking forward to that!

So on to:

Xbox® Gaming Zone

Josiah got to play Lego Movie videogame (Xbox 360)

Xbox® Gaming Zone
Xbox® Gaming Zone

It was now approaching 4.30pm so our final stop was:

Star Wars Mini land Experience

Star Wars Mini land Experience
Star Wars Mini land Experience

My final thoughts:

Although we all had a great time, I personally think Legoland is OVER PRICED!  We had to skip alot of rides because of the queues.

If you don’t fancy queuing for ages, Legoland have introduced Q-Bot.  Q-Bot is a ride reservation device and it allows you to reserve your place in the queue line for your favourite rides without having to actually stand in line!

Great idea, but I personally think the prices are insane! It’s clearly for people who have money to burn!

There are 3 types of Q-Bot: Regular (£15 per person), Express (£35 per person) and Ultimate (£75 per person).  A £50 refundable deposit applies per Q-Bot rental.

Even though there are loads of restaurants, they can be rather pricey so make sure you take your own food and drinks.

*Starting on Tuesday 1 September kids can dine for free after 4pm with every adult meal purchased at City Walk Pizza & Pasta Buffet and Pirates Burger Kitchen!

For further information see:

Legoland Directions

Legoland Opening Times

Please feel free to leave any comments below.


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