Review: HairBurst Chewable Hair Vitamins

We all crave healthy and long hair,  however it’s important we get the right amount of vitamins and minerals not just for hair growth but overall health.

The health of your skin, hair and nails can be affected by the quality of your diet. Our skin, hair and nails are  usually the first to show outward signs of deficiencies.  For instance if your diet in lacking in certain nutrients, chances are your hair will show signs of thinning, breakage, dullness, dryness and dandruff.

I was contacted by HairBurst and sent their HairBurst Chewable Hair Vitamins to review.

Hairburst is a UK based, natural health supplements company, committed to delivering lasting results with affordable, healthy solutions to enhance and preserve your natural beauty.
Hairburst believe beautiful, healthy skin and hair starts from within. By using safe, natural ingredients in formulas that are clinically tested and proven, we hope to assist the overall health and wellbeing of our customers by spreading messages and information regarding health and beauty. We often use Instagram to do this.
Hairburst products are not only a great way to kickstart your hair growth journey but can also be added into your existing hair care regime. Begin the journey to the hair you want with an intense mix of natural vitamins & minerals and begin to grow healthy hair from within.
Hairburst is a premium product with premium ingredients. Our products are produced here in the UK and are manufactured in FDA approved facilities to ensure quality and peace of mind for our users. We use only the best ingredients, which are FDA approved and more importantly ACTUALLY WORK!


Retail Price: £19.99
60 Pastilles: 30 day supply

HairBurst chewable hair vitamins

 Hairburst Chewable Gummies are an easy way to ensure you are taking the essential vitamins to maintain healthy, faster hair growth.
We created this product for people who find it hard to swallow tablets. So now everyone can have the benefits that hairburst adds to your body.


 Hairburst provides a different approach to hair maintenance, a professional product that works from the inside out. The tasty new way to improve your hair.

Hairburst is designed to combat the negative impact of poor nutrition, hair products, age and genetics so start your journey with hairburst today and fall in love with your hair.


The yummy strawberry and blackcurrant flavour will want you taking more than just 2 tablets per day but please stick to the recommended 2 per day.

Free From: Artificial colours, milk, lactose, yeast or porcine.


A breakdown of the key ingredients:

Biotin (vitamin B7) – Almost every hair, skin and nail supplement contains this vitamin as it is the most researched vitamin for hair growth. Biotin plays a key role in strengthening your hair by increasing its elasticity and protecting against dryness. It increases the density of your hair and it helps you produce more hair.  Biotin also encourages the production of keratin, one of the key structural proteins required for strong, shiny hair.  Having more biotin in your diet will reduce brittleness and shedding and make your hair thick, shiny and silky.

Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) – Maintaining proper levels of pantothenic acid can strengthen your hair follicles and their cells. This vitamin contributes to the nourishment of hair follicles, helping them to function properly and promote the growth of your hair. Pantothenic acid can also help relieve the skin itching and flaking associated with dandruff and other similar disorders. Ridding your scalp of dead skin will keep your follicles clear of debris and encourage new growth.

Vitamin B6– Helps with increasing hemoglobin levels, which help to oxygenate the blood. Getting enough vitamn B6 helps the hair follicles get enough oxygen and helps them healthy enough to grow healthy hair.

Vitamin B12 –  Promotes healthy hair growth by helping in the formation of red blood cells. The visible part of your hair — the shaft — is composed primary of keratin, a fibrous form of protein. At the base of each hair follicle, tiny blood vessels connect to the root of each hair strand. Red blood cells serve the purpose of carrying oxygen to the living portion of the hair strands. Without adequate oxygen, your hair typically won’t be able to sustain healthy growth.  It nourishes the hair directly and is a part of the actual hair strands not just the follicles.

Selenium – Selenium is a trace mineral and is found in virtually every cell of your body, with its greatest concentrations in organs such as the kidneys and liver.  The human body needs this mineral to protect the cells.  It is a powerful antioxidant which protect the body’s cells from free-radical damage.  Selenium boosts hair growth and reduces dandruff. Selenium can destroy a fungus known as Malassezia from the scalp, again clearing the way for new growth to occur.

Zinc – Zinc is a mineral that promotes cell reproduction, tissue growth and repair. It strengthens hair follicles because it binds proteins building a strong strand of hair. It also functions in the maintenance of the oil-secreting glands attached to our hair follicles. A portion of your body’s total zinc is held in the hair follicles. If you have a zinc deficiency, your body will rob the hair follicles first to make sure zinc is available to processes that are more biologically important.  Dandruff and hair loss are both conditions associated with a zinc deficiency.

My thoughts:

I take various supplements and don’t have any problem with swallowing capsules or tablets.  The pastilles are gummy and easy to chew.  They taste great and are not overly sweet…but hey I’ve been tempted to pop more than the recommended 2!

Dont! They’re not meant to be eaten like typical candy.  They do contain glucose syrup and sugar but if you stick to the recommended dosage , it shouldn’t really have a negative impact on your health.

I typically like to use supplements for 2-3 months to adequately judge how effective it is and to see significant results, so I can’t honestly say I saw a difference in my hair after 1 month.  I would have to try the 3 month supply which works out £52.99.

Have you tried Hairburst or currently take hair vitamins?  Please feel free to share your thoughts.

You can find them on social media:

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Thanks for reading.  Have a lovely weekend.


*Disclaimer – I was sent the Hairburst Chewable Hair Vitamins for review purposes.  The views expressed are entirely mine!

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  1. Hello! I’ve been taking these for about 3 days now and my skin has broke out in tiny bumps and now red flaky skin:( I can only assume it’s these that’s caused it as they are the only new thing I’ve introduced into my daily routine/diet. Any one else had these effects?

  2. Great review! i really enjoyed reading this, will definetely have to give these a go – ive experienced horrible hair loss since having my daughter!
    Many thanks!

    1. Thank you dear. Sorry to hear about your hair loss. I experienced the same thing after having my first child. The main thing I would say is making sure you include the good protein, nuts and seeds, fruit and veg, essential fatty acids in your diet 😊

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