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As a wife and mum I know all too well how hectic life can get.  Honestly it can be hard trying to juggle so many things and dealing with the challenges of modern day living.

Scentered recognises the very unique and varied pressures on women today, and the daily balancing acts that so many face. Stress levels are at their peak, and time-poor women are juggling an ever-growing number of roles.

Two unique and inspiring ladies have come together to help us get SCENTERED….

Fay Pottinger and Lara Morgan
L – Fay Pottinger     R – Lara Morgan


I had the chance to ask the ladies behind the brand a few questions.  Here’s what they had to say…


What’s the story behind ‘Scentered’ ?

Lara – I was looking for a lifestyle solution to breathe renewed positivity into my crazily busy lifestyle.  I was so frustrated by the impracticality of the aromatherapy products on the market and I had this idea of a totally portable solution which enabled you to mix and match the aromas to make your own personal solution.

Fay, who I had known for 20 years, was just the perfect partner to help bring the concept to life. She is a dynamo with a lifelong passion for natural health, an unrelenting drive for formulation integrity, and experience working with some of the world’s leading spa and beauty brands. Together we created Scentered.


Why aromatherapy based products?

Aromatherapy is the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit.

Sometimes it is called Essential Oil therapy because, over the centuries, it has been found that particular aromas, extracted as essential oils from plants can have a deeply beneficial effect on our health and wellbeing.

Inhaling the essential oils stimulates our limbic system which is the part of the brain, our ‘emotional brain’, which controls our moods and emotions.

Combine this with mindful breathing – our Scentered Ritual – and this can help you let go of negative thoughts and shift your mood to bring a renewed sense of positivity, relieve anxiety and depression and help you focus.


What was your biggest challenge starting the brand?

It took a long time to get the balm formulation right, so we had a product that could be effectively delivered in a stick format, and that wasn’t too soft or too hard, nor too greasy on the skin!


Why is it important your products are manufactured in England?

We are proud that all our products are manufactured in Britain.  We work with talented formulators and leading British perfumers.  We are passionate about minimising the amount of waste produced, at every level of the business, and ensure the use of our resources are intelligently managed. All packaging has been thoughtfully designed in line with the brand’s Re-use, Re-purpose or Recycle mantra.


Tell us about your brand philosophy?

Scentered recognises the very unique and varied pressures affecting women today. We find we are juggling an ever increasing number of roles, the pressure is on, time is short and our stress levels peak.

The Scentered Ritual encourages us all to Stop. Inhale. Reset.

This helps us to take a moment for ourselves, reset our mood and transform the way we feel, breathing renewed positivity into a busy lifestyle. Restoring our lifestyle balance naturally!


 What makes Scentered products unique?

They are 100% natural, totally portable therapy balms. No spills, no leaks, you can pop one in your pocket or bag and so always have your go to remedy close at hand. And you can mix and match them to create your own unique survival kit.


Tell us about your product range?

Scentered originally launched the five wellbeing balms – Sleep Well, Focus, Escape, Love and De-Stress. Each created with a combination of active ingredients specifically selected to target a variety of lifestyle concerns.


Our Be Happy balm was then launched to great acclaim.

Scentered be happy therapy balm

Most recently we have created a range of Therapy Candles – home and travel sizes – light and enjoy a beautifully fragranced wellbeing treatment in the comfort of your own home.

scentered candles


Tell us more about the Scentered ritual?

The Scentered Ritual – Stop.Inhale.Rest is an effective way to step off the treadmill of life and breathe. Breath is like a bubble and we have to remind ourselves to reach out and catch it.

Scentered’s portable Aromatherapy Balms help create these all important moments and also act as a handy reminder to quite literally ‘catch our breath…. and sit with it a while’. The ritual of stop, inhale and reset is so valuable.


  • Sit down in a comfortable position on a chair, bench or on the floor, whichever suits you best.
  • Dab your chosen aromatherapy balm on your pulse points and inhale

scentered ritual

  • Take long deep breaths right into your belly and exhale slowly, notice the belly rising and falling with every breath, and then just count your breath 1 in, 2 out, 3 in and so on until you reach 20.
  • A slow exhale is important.  Common in mindful and yogic breathing techniques, the taking of a short inhale and longer exhale stimulates the vagus nerve to calm the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response) and activates the parasympathetic nervous system to make us feel relaxed.
  • As you start to focus and observe your breath, you will feel more relaxed as your nervous system and your mind starts to calm.  Take a couple of minutes just repeat this until you feel completely de-stressed and you will be able to focus with confidence on the tasks in hand.


 Who can use your products?

Everyone except pregnant Mothers and children under 3 years old.  Scentered therapy balms contain therapeutic levels of essential oils. Therefore, we do not recommend their use during pregnancy or on children under 3 years old.


What is your ‘go to ‘ product in the range?

Fay: Escape Therapy Balm and Candle – Our Escape blend is the one I turn to when I want to completely switch off and let go of the stresses of the day.  Perfect at the end of a long day or working week!

Lara: It really depends on the day! I use all the balms to create my personal survival tool kit – at work, on holiday, when travelling.


In the midst of a busy life, what is your favourite way to unwind?

Fay: I love to get outside into nature – a countryside walk and fresh air can do wonders. I also love a good soak with Epsom bath salts and Escape candle burning.

Lara: Family, friends and exercise are really important for my wellbeing.


What products can we expect to see in the future?

Top secret! But they will be products that encourage you to stop, take a moment for yourself and breathe more deeply.  We only bring products to market that are the best and we are currently working on perfecting a Sleep Well candle which is as brilliant as the balm.


What is the most memorable moment of your career so far?

Fay: Being told that American Vogue had requested an interview last week – there was a distinct moment of realisation that our brand had reached a certain level of international recognition, and enormous pride in what we had achieved to get to that point.

Lara: Getting amazing feedback about Scentered balms from our customers from all over the world is always a WOW moment. It is so good to know we are making a difference.


What advice would you give to women trying to build a business while growing a family?

Lara: Expect challenges, they are inevitable however much you plan and prepare.  Also invest in good people to support you.

Fay: I totally agree – a good support structure is invaluable.


What is the vision for Scentered?

To positively impact the lives of as many people as we can, with a reminder to stop when needed, and take a few moments to breathe and reset.


Many thanks to Lara, Fay and the Scentered team for your valuable time.


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