Meet British Skincare Brand – Mallow + White

We all want radiant, happy and healthy skin. Mallow + White brings you beautifully simple skincare (6 ingredients or less) for simply beautiful skin.

I had the opportunity to ask Joanna White, the founder a few questions.

So lets discover Mallow + White….

Joanna White, founder Mallow + White



1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what inspired you to start your own brand.

I am a mum of two daughters who made a career-switch late in life – from 22 years working on live news programmes at the BBC to creating beautiful skincare in my workshop. In other words, from an adrenaline fuelled, frantic energy to the serene scents that hit me every morning and the creative joy of making products that customers love!

All my life I have struggled with eczema and sensitive skin on my face. I kept it under control with prescribed medicines, but I didn’t like the idea of relying on steroids and creams with potentially harmful side effects.

After 7 years of research, I launched Mallow + White. Now I make my own 100% natural products that not only soothe and calm my skin, but help others too!


2. How did you choose the brand name and what was your biggest challenge starting the brand?

I love the marshmallow plant. Not only for its sticky sap that used to go into the soft sweets that bear its name, but also because the root of the plant has been used for many generations to soothe and heal irritated skin. I use it as one of my ingredients, and love it. So that’s the Mallow part of the name. The White part denotes purity, which is what the brand is all about, but it also handily happens to be my surname!

My biggest challenge starting the brand was gathering up the courage to accept redundancy at the BBC and take a huge leap into the unknown. I haven’t regretted one minute, and would highly recommend it to anyone!


3. What makes Mallow + White unique?

Mallow + White is all about simplicity.  I promise to use no more than 6 ingredients in each product, and that really helps some people struggling with sensitive skin. These wonderful products are successfully competing with the best of the rest, and we are gathering a growing list of national and international awards for our products.

So, what makes us unique in 3 words – award winning simplicity!


4. Tell us about your brand philosophy

I wanted to own a brand that was ethical to the core. So Mallow + White is, of course, 100% natural and cruelty free. I love the freshness of small-batch beauty so all of the products are hand-blended by me with an abundance of love.

I also wanted to create a brand that impacted positively on the larger world, so all of our containers are glass and recyclable. We also use minimal packaging.  Our orders are sent out in recycled boxes and packed with popcorn (and petals) which can be used as bird food but is also fully compostable.

I really love the idea of helping other entrepreneurs around the world, so Mallow + White donates to Kiva which empowers people around the world with micro-loans to alleviate them from poverty.  At the moment we are supporting women in Ghana, Nicaragua, Guatemala and the Philippines.


5. Tell us about your product range

I started with a capsule range of 3 products for 3 different skin types – normal/dry, mature (40+) and sensitive. Each range contains a facial oil, face mask and cleansing oil. Many of these are now award-winning products.

Mallow + white soothe (2)

Mallow + White revitalise


Mallow + white restore


We have since launched a Blossom range, which includes a facial balm and lip balm.

Mallow + white blossom


6. What’s next for Mallow + White, what products can we expect to see in the future?

I am in the process of bringing out the whole range in mini/try me sizes which are great for those who want to test the product before they commit to the full size. They are also really good for summer holiday travel! The labels and bottles have just arrived and will be launched at the House and Garden Show in Olympia this month.


Thank you Joanna for sharing your story with us.  I personally look forward to trying out the products!


You can shop Mallow + White here


Thanks for reading.


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