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My little munchkins aged 4 and 2 are into their gadgets just like their mama! So they were super excited when I won the LeapFrog Christmas bundle competition on LeapFrogUK Facebook which included LeapTV console, 9 cartridge games and £15 download card.

Super excited!
Super excited!
Leapfrog LeapTV bundle

LeapTV is an educational, active video gaming system built just for kids ages 3-8 years. It puts learning into motion as kids go through an engaging curriculum.Key Features:

  • Educational, active video gaming system
  • Gets minds and bodies moving
  • Built just for kids, aged 3-8
  • Three ways to play
  • Library of 100+ educator-approved games and videos that teach skills from reading to mathematics (sold separately)From LeapFrog, the award-wining creator of educational entertainment
The box contains:
  • 1 console (16GB memory + built in Wi-Fi/Ethernet port for downloads)
  • Height adjustable camera and mount
  • 1 transforming controller (controller requires 2 AA batteries)
  • HDMI cable – HDMI 700
  • AC power adapter
The LeapTV console connects to the Internet with Wi-Fi (built-in) or Ethernet (cable sold separately) to download games and videos. The LeapTV system is kid-safe and does not allow Internet browsing.

The LeapTV system is very easy to set up and comes with a simple start-up guide that takes you step-by-step through the setup process. To setup simply connect the components to your TV and then follow the on-screen instructions. As this is a motion-based system, make sure you clear the play area for safe play.

You will need to set up a parent account to manage kids profiles and downloads.

LeapTV profile
LeapTV profile

There is an extensive library of games and videos available.

The game cartridges we had included in the bundle were:

Curriculum: Mathematics
Curriculum: Mathematics
  • LeapTV: Nickelodeon Dora and Friends Educational, Active Video GameAges 4-7 yrs.Join Dora and Friends as they shrink to a tiny size to return an enchanted ring. Race on mouse-back with a friend, run, twirl and use mathematics skills on an adventure back in time.
  • LeapTV™ Sports! Educational, Active Video GameAges 4-7 yrs.Enter a whole new arena of sports fun with favourite LeapFrog characters! Bowl, block, chop, swing and swim through nine active games. Team up with a friend or play along with Leap, Lily, Tad and the whole crew. Be a sports star and appear onscreen: LeapTV™ puts your child right in the game.
  • LeapTV™ Kart Racing: Supercharged! Educational, Active Video GameAges 5-8 yrs.Put the pedal to the metal and race for glory in 5 wild tournaments. Tune up mathematics skills, then tilt and turn to smoke the competition on 10 different tracks. Race solo or multiply the fun by challenging a friend!
  • LeapTV™ Disney Jake and the Never Land Pirates Educational, Active Video GameAges 3-5 yrs.Run, fly and sail around Never Land searching for pirate treasure. Use body motion and mathematics skills to chop through the jungle and grab gold doubloons. Keep moving, and look out for Captain Hook!
Curriculum: reading
Curriculum: reading
  • LeapTV: Disney Sofia the First Educational, Active Video GameAges 3-5 yrs.Get active and train for the Tri-Kingdom Picnic Games with Sofia and James. Jump into action, race, hop, fly, sled and put your best foot forward!
  • LeapTV: Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man Educational, Active Video GameAges 4-7 yrs.Run, jump, wall crawl, sling webs and unleash reading skills to restore order to New York. Take on Doc Ock, Rhino, Electro and more in 6 exciting missions, each with 6 stages that blend classic Spidey action with active play.
  • LeapTV™ Dance & Learn Educational, Active Video GameAges 4-7 yrs.Shake, spin, flap and hop to the tune of nine dance games. Play with family and friends or dance a solo jam. Build momentum and early reading skills: LeapTV brings the dance party to your house.
Curriculum: Science
Curriculum: Science & Social Studies
  • LeapTV: Disney∙Pixar Pixar Pals Educational, Active Video GameAges 4-7 yrs.Jump into action with Buzz, Woody, Nemo, Dory, Mike and Sulley in 6+ fun-filled mini-games. Propel aliens using levers and pulleys, dive into ocean science, fix circuits and have a roaring good time!
  • LeapTV: Nickelodeon Bubble Guppies Educational, Active Video GameAges 3-5 yrs.Have a swimming time exploring people and places, recycling, dinosaur fossils and more on 3 fin-tastic field trips! Jump in, get active and learn along with the Bubble Guppies for hours of fun.
We downloaded 2 additional games with the £15 download card:
  • The Human Body: Captain Plasma’s AdventureAges 4-7 yrsClimb aboard The Blood Vessel for “hearty” missions that explore our amazing anatomy.
  • Splurgle!Ages 4-7 yrs.Help Splurgle the Raindrop navigate his way back to the lake.
The transforming controller puts learning into motion in three ways: body capture motion, pointer play and classic controller action.

Body capture motion

The body motion camera captures kids’ movements—no controller is needed. Kids can run, hop and tip-toe to guide Disney’s Sofia the First along a woodland obstacle course using reading skills. In LeapFrog Sports, children power up math skills as they wave their arms to defend goals, karate-chop fast-moving shapes, scuba dive and more. Kids can also use their energy for creative movements like wiggling and spinning in LeapFrog Dance and Learn. The kids love being able to see themselves on TV in some games.


Pointer play

Pointer play takes pretend play to new levels of engagement. When kids swivel the controller with a simple click, they instantly have a pointer for snapping jungle vines and slicing through coconuts with Jake from Disney’s Jake and the Never Land Pirates. They can go from the island to the city, and even play as Marvel’s Spider-Man. Use the pointer to sling webs, swing across tall buildings and save New York!


Classic controller

Classic control puts fun at their fingertips. Press the A and B buttons for fast-paced gaming, or tilt and shake the controller to race in LeapFrog Kart Racing. Solve puzzles with favourite Disney-Pixar characters like Nemo and Dory, Buzz and Woody, Mike and Sulley and more.

Having fun and learning
Having fun and learning with Kart Racing
My little mama having a go
My little mama having a go at bowling
Pointer play
Learning maths
Learning maths


The kids really enjoy learning while playing with their favourite characters. I highly recommend the LeapTV.

For more information check out LeapFrog

LeapTV is available at various retailers and is currently priced at £59.99 on Amazon

Amazon LeapTV console

Additional controllers also available priced £14.99
Amazon LeapTV controller

LeapTV video games retail £24.99 and is available here Amazon LeapTV games

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Please feel free to leave any comments below.


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