Refreshing Watermelon Orange Juice – Sage Nutri Juicer

I hope you enjoyed Marcia’s Sage Nutri Juicer Plus review.  I’ve been juicing for the last 4 years and really enjoy it.

My first juicer was the Green Power Hippocrates Juicer which is a slow masticating twin gear juicer.  It is a great juicer but it takes a lot of prep work, because it has a small chute you have to chop everything and is a nightmare to clean.

Now I’ve got the Sage Nutri Juicer and I absolutely love it, less prep work, very easy to clean and makes great juice in minutes.

Sage Nutri Juicer

I will be sharing a few juicing recipes with you lovely people.  I hope you enjoy!

Starting with my favourite Watermelon orange juice.  It is a lovely refreshing juice and can be done in minutes.


1/2 watermelon

4 oranges

1/2 lemon



Cut up the watermelon into chunks and peel the oranges


Juice all done in minutes 


You can pour into a glass and enjoy.  I like to store it in glass bottles and chill in the fridge.  If storing in the fridge, I recommend you use a glass jar or bottle (not plastic).  Make sure you fill all the way to the top and ensure your container is airtight to prevent oxidation.


Annaliese loves her juice




I hope you’ve enjoyed this simple juice recipe #juicelove. Stay tuned for more juicing recipes.


Lola 🙂

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