Kenwood Chef Sense KVC5000T Review

I got to put the Kenwood Chef Sense KVC5000T through its paces during my 6 weeks recipe challenge for Kenwood Disaster Chef 2015.

I love my gadgets and I’ve wanted a Kenwood mixer for ages, I remember my mum had one over 30 years ago.  Kenwood is well known for its quality build and durability.

I also got 2 additional attachments separately – the pasta roller and food processor.

Kenwood Chef Sense
Kenwood Chef sense, Pasta roller, food processor

What’s In The Box:

  • Whisk attachment
  • K-beater
  • Dough hook
  • Splash guard
  • Instruction manual


There was also a card included in the box to request a free recipe book which I received in the post.


Key Features:

  • A powerful 1100W motor for speedy mixing
  • Electronic speed control – 6 speeds and pulse
  • 4.6 litre stainless steel bowl with smear-free, brushed finish will look superb in any kitchen, and features graduations for easy measuring.
  • Easy fit Splashguard with wide feed chute
  • One touch head lift lever
  • Three dedicated tools cover all your baking requirements:
    • The unique K beater reaches every area of the bowl and is perfect for mixing dry ingredients or crushing biscuits for cheesecakes
    • The balloon whisk is specially shaped to trap air while mixing and is ideal for fluffy sponges and meringues
    • The dough hook is designed to take all the hard work out of kneading bread and is great for making those tougher doughs such as brioche, stolen or pizza bases
  • Unique fold function runs at an extra slow speed so light and heavy ingredients can be combined or ‘folded’ together
  • Intelligent, illuminated sense control for best in bowl performance, with soft start and gradual speed increase, pulse and extra slow fold
  • Total mix Planetary Action ensures all ingredients are picked up and mixed within the bowl
  • With over 20 attachments available, the Chef Sense can transform into a true all round kitchen gadget for every kitchen task
  • Twist fit attachment for the slow speed outlet makes it easy to fit and remove attachments

I found the Chef Sense very sturdy and easy to use during my challenge – from making bread to pasta, meringue to sponge cake.



What I love most about the Chef Sense is you can transform it into an all round kitchen machine with the wide range of optional attachments available for:

  • blending soups, sauces, smoothies
  • grinding meat, vegetables and nuts
  • slicing/grating/dicing vegetables, cheeses and meats
  • chopping and grinding spices, coffee beans, nuts
  • homemade pasta
  • juicing
  • ice cream/sorbet/purees

Pasta Roller AT970A

I’ve never made homemade pasta and I found this attachment super easy to use.  It attaches very easily to the slow speed outlet thanks to the twist fit connection.  It has 9 easy to adjust thickness settings and it literally takes a few minutes to make fresh pasta.  Nothing beats the authentic taste of freshly made pasta!


Food Processor KAH647PL

The food processor easily attaches to the high speed outlet and features a bowl made from Tritan™, an innovative, shatterproof and dishwasher-safe material designed for continuous use.

As well as the knife blades for chopping, discs included with this attachment will help you with thin and thick slicing, fine and coarse grating, julienne and rasping a wide variety of foods


Citrus Juicer AT312

I bought the Citrus Juicer attachment separately.

  • 600ml bowl
  • Makes fresh fruit juice in seconds
  • For use on the high speed outlet
  • Juice flows into a bowl with handle and spout for easy pouring


I’m trying to build up my collection of attachments, next on my list is the frozen dessert maker, food mincer and blender.

If you’re looking for an all round kitchen machine, I highly recommend The Kenwood Chef Sense.  It retails for £449.99 and is a great investment.

I hope you found this review helpful.  Please feel free to comment below with your thoughts or questions.

Lola 🙂

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