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FOM London Skincare (Freshness of the morning) create innovative, cutting-edge, luxury and performance based skincare products with multi-functional benefits to address ageing caused by pollution and environmental stressors.

All products were developed from scratch by Zaga, FOM founder.  Every ingredient used has a specific purpose and delivers targeted results.  All products are manufactured in small batches to ensure every product is perfect and freshly delivered.

There are 8 facial products available that deliver targeted solutions for any skin type and skin colour.  Their Antioxsilk technology is powered by their signature ingredient Silk (to stimulate healthy collagen in skin and to act as a skin barrier against environmental stressors and pollutants) combined with active Adaptogens (to ensure skin’s healthy balance) and Antioxidant botanicals (to repair and protect the skin making it more resilient to future damages).

FOM London skincare range is designed and manufactured in England and is free from synthetic fragrances, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, sulphates, propylene glycol, formaldehyde, urea, mercury, lead, colours and the products are never tested on animals.

I love that the brand is ethical and totally transparent.  On the website you can find a list of ingredients used in their formulations and in which product and reasons why.


I’ve used a few FOM London products before which worked well on my skin.  I was introduced to the lovely Zaga while I was at the ‘Natural & Organic Products Europe’ event last month.  We had a lovely chat and talked about my skin concerns.

I’m 41 so anti-ageing is definitely important.  My major skin concern is acne scarring and hyperpigmentation so Zaga kindly sent me the Hydra Bright Night Complex Treatment.



This brightening and exfoliating serum treatment with extra dose of hydration is targets 3 areas of skin imperfection: age spots, hyperpigmentation and hydration in one radiant system.


FOM London Hydra Bright Night Complex Treatment

Beta Glucan with Liquid Silk Complex in Hyaluronic Acid deeply hydrate and soothe the skin, helping to restore moisture balance whilst a brilliant cocktail of natural AHAs gently exfoliates the skin promoting a renewed radiance.

Existing spots fade, the skin has a new brightness, and future age spots are put on hold.  Botanical detoxifying Antioxidants within the Adoptogenic Rhodiola Skin Defence Complex neutralise damage from air pollutants.


FOM London Hydra Bright Night Complex Treatment


What this product delivers:



FOM London Hydra Bright Night Complex Treatment

Suitable for All Skin Types/All Skin Colours

Ideal for blemished skin with dark spots, hyperpigmentation and tired complexion.

FOM London Hydra Bright Night Complex Treatment

I’ve been using this product for about a month and my skin is responding well, I’ve noticed some improvements.

The consistency is very light and silky and it absorbs well without any sticky or greasy residue.

I smooth one pump over my face and neck using the mindful skincare application technique designed by FOM.  The lovely floral scent of geranium is relaxing and helps me wind down for bedtime.

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The result….  my skin looks fresh, feels soft, smooth and hydrated.  I’ve noticed when I do get the occasional spot, my skin doesn’t scar like before.  I will continue to use and hopefully see more long-term results.

It is important to only use at night and follow with SPF moisturiser during the day.

Now onto the price…it comes with a hefty price tag, however I think it’s totally worth the splurge.  For starters, it is packed with highly potent ingredients so you only need to use a small amount, so I reckon it should last about 2 months.


Thanks again Zaga for sending me this to try.


For more information visit FOM London Skincare




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Disclosure:  I was sent these product to review.  As always I give honest and unbiased reviews of products I receive.




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