Soothe Tired Feet With Joik Warming Footbath Salt With Ginger & Mustard

After a long day, being rushed off my feet, I just want to relax and give my feet some much needed TLC.

I love foot baths as they are soothing and calming on the mind and body….the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day.

I have cold feet and hands (bad circulation) so I decided to try JOIK Warming foot bath salt with ginger & mustard 250g | £8

JOIK Warming foot bath salt with ginger & mustard

Warming footbath salt with mineral-rich seasalt, magnesium, ginger and mustard is wonderful to relax and warm up cold feet.


• mustard and ginger– detoxify, improve blood circulation and warm cold feet

• magnesium salt (also known as Epsom salt) – relieves muscle tensions, relaxes tired feet and swollen feet, softens skin, neutralises foot odors

In Estonia mustard baths are a traditional remedy used for the treatment of colds and stuffy nose.

JOIK Warming foot bath salt with ginger & mustard


sodium chloride (sea salt), sodium bicarbonate, sinapis alba, citric acid, magnesium sulfate, zingiber officinale root powder, citrus aurantifolia oil, limonene*, citral* * component of natural essential oil

100% natural and/or Ecocert ingredients.


JOIK Warming foot bath salt with ginger & mustard



Add one or two spoonfuls of bath salt into a bowl of warm water, relax and soak your feet for 15-20 minutes. After bath dry your feet and put on warm socks.


I do love the warm, aromatic scent of ginger which hits you once you open the tub.  When you add the bath salts to warm water it fizzes and creates bubbles (thanks to sodium bicarbonate).

I’ve always suffered from cold feet, so I’m always looking for ways to improve blood circulation.  Foot baths help increase your overall body temperature, which can improve blood circulation, relieve muscle and mental tension and alleviate stress.

The foot bath salts also helps get rid of dead skin cells so it’s great if you have cracked heels, calluses or corns.

After soaking my feet for 20 minutes, it makes such a difference and does wonders for my mood!

After my foot soak, I rinse and dry my feet.

Then I follow up with a foot balm to moisturise and then pop on some cosy socks.

My feet feel super soft, nice and warm and I’m totally calm and relaxed.  I like to do this just before I go to bed and it’s amazing how relaxing a little foot pampering can be!  I always have a good night’s sleep whenever I do this.

Regular foot soaks go beyond your feet…your entire body is represented by and connected to your feet.  Nurturing your feet does wonders for your entire being and increases overall health.



Have you got any favourite footbath salts? Please feel free to share.





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