Curlee Box February – Flora & Curl Exclusive

Natural hair products can be quite expensive so monthly subscription boxes can be an affordable and convenient way to discover new brands, try out a selection of products and find out what works for you.

The lovely ladies at myluxebeauty (independent hair & beauty retailer based in the UK) launched their very own subscription box back in December.

curlee box

A discovery box of hair goodies for curly and kinky tresses.
Receive 4 to 6 gourmet hair products every month.

Members can look forward to carefully selected brands to try each month. From well established brands to new & upcoming brands.

Monthly recurring subscription –  £20*/month + p&p.

Annual Subscription (1 Month FREE) – £220* + p&p

There is also a great mini box to take care of your young ones tresses!

Monthly recurring subscription – £17*/month + p&P

*P&P is charged separately at check-out based on the shipping destination. 

No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.

So after eyeing up the previous boxes on Instagram, I decided to sign up for the monthly recurring subscription £20 /month + £3.90 p&p.

My first box was February…

curlee box February - Flora & Curl Exclusive

The box is beautifully packaged and presented.  

curlee box February - Flora & Curl Exclusive

This month is a Flora & Curl exclusive.  I’ve never heard of this brand so I was pretty excited to see the contents.  There are 4 full sized products and I love the bright and floral product labels. curlee box February - Flora & Curl Exclusive

Curlee box February - Flora & curl exclusive

Flora & Curl creates botanically powered active haircare solutions for women with naturally dry textured hair (from loosely curled to tightly curled textured hair). Flora & Curl says nature to curls. It is a philosophy of our nature and essence, just as we are meant to be. 

First up is…

Flora & Curl African Citrus Bloom Superfruit Shampoo (250ml / £17)

Harsh detergents in conventional shampoos for curly hair tend to leave textured hair feeling stripped, while sulfate-free shampoos often come without any additional therapeutic benefits.

Flora & curl African Citrus Bloom Superfruit Shampoo

This nutrient-rich botanical shampoo creates a deeply invigorating lather to cleanse hair and scalp and rid it of impurities, dirt and build up. It is fortified with moisturising Aloe Vera, revitalising oils of Morrocan Argan Oil and Sweet Almond Oil to restore the natural balance of the scalp and return natural sheen.

Flora & curl African Citrus Bloom Superfruit Shampoo

A nutritive blend of coconut-derived cleansers, strengthening wheat proteins and scalp balancing citrus oils all work to leave scalp feeling fresh, clean, and fragrant! Unlike conventional shampoo, it is 100% free from drying silicones, mineral oils or sulfates. 

The perfect shampoo for strengthening and restoring naturally dry textured hair.

Flora & curl African Citrus Bloom Superfruit Shampoo

First of all this shampoo smells amazing…it has a sweet citrusy scent which is uplifting.  The consistency is quite runny but it lathers well.  It leaves my hair squeaky clean but not stripped which is great.

Flora & Curl Jasmine Oasis Floral Hydration Hair Mist (200ml / £22)

Textured, curly hair is naturally dry and not infusing adequate moisture daily means that ends are more prone to breakage, making moisture a key component of a healthy hair routine. Floral Hydration is formulated with the best nature has to offer dry hair!

A thirst relief formula that is an active blend of herbal essences, organic Rose Damask Flower Water, Aloe Vera and handpicked bioactive floral oils to deeply penetrate into the strands, saturating it with essential moisture whilst minimising reversion. Brushing and styling become easier, hair is instantly softened and sleek and hair brittleness is reduced with this daily rinse-free moisturising spray. 

Flora & Curl Jasmine Oasis Floral Hydration Hair Mist

Unlike spraying hair with tap water or hard water which contain chlorine and various metal minerals, this botanical mist moisturises the way nature intended. Your hair generously receives all the potent benefits, without build up from synthethic additives. 

Infused with Jasmine oil, this exquisite oil yields natural healing properties that help reduce dandruff and purify the scalp of bacteria and the accumulation of waste products.

Flora & Curl Jasmine Oasis Floral Hydration Hair Mist

Bioactive Ingredients:

  • Ph balancing organic Rose flower water
  • Scalp stimulating Lavender
  • Scalp soothing Sandalwood

Summary of benefits:

  • BOTANICAL HYDRATION – Replenishes moisture and instantly conditions dry hair using plant nutrients
  • SOFTENING – Softens and reduces strand brittleness
  • REVITALISING – Perfect for refreshing curls throughout the week with low reversion
  • MANAGEABILITY – Delivers manageability and ease of styling
  • Perfect formula for extra dry, brittle hair

Flora & Curl Jasmine Oasis Floral Hydration Hair Mist

My thirsty hair definitely needed this hair mist.  It helps soften and hydrate my hair and also works well to refresh my curls without weighing my hair down.  Plus it smells so…good and leaves my hair gorgeously scented all day.

Flora & Curl Organic Rose & Honey Milk Leave-In Detangler (250ml / £19)

A botanical detangling conditioner that adds softness and slip to hair to release knots and tangles to make combing and styling manageability easier. It also serves as a leave-in moisturiser with a blend of Coconut and Calendula Oils, perfect for restoring hair’s healthy moisture balance.

Flora & curl Organic rose & Honey Milk Leave-in detangler

This moisturising leave-in conditioner is powerfully fortified with Organic Rose Damask Water, and infused with Honey, Sunflower, Oat, Marigold and Vitamin B to smoothen the cuticle, add shine, definition and ease manageability, whilst promoting hair softness.

It helps the comb and fingers glide through hair, leaving it tangle-free and protected from breakage. A great detangling solution for all textures.

Flora & curl Organic rose & Honey Milk Leave-in detangler


  • DETANGLES – Formulated to smoothen the hair cuticle and remove knots, snarls and tangles from wavy, curly and kinky-textured hair.
  • SMOOTHENING – Vitamin B (Panthenol) enhances natural sheen on the cuticles to create high shine and silkiness while reducing frizz and preventing knots and tangles from forming.
  • DAILY CONDITIONING – Rose Water adds moisture, slip and shine back into the hair for everyday hydration without weight.
  • Perfect formula for dry and wash-day ready hair 

Flora & curl Organic rose & Honey Milk Leave-in detangler

I absolutely love this leave-in and use it as a detangler and styler.  It has 2 of my favourite essential oils (Ylang ylang and May Chang) so you know it smells divine.  The consistency is creamy and light and at first I wasn’t sure it would deliver adequate moisture to my thick kinky curls, however I was pleasantly surprised.

It literally melts into my hair leaving it super soft, moisturised and tangle free.  My hair stays moisturised for days and when I reapply I don’t get the dreaded product ‘build-up’.

The results from using it as a styler were amazing.  I got incredible frizz free definition from my twist out.

Flora & Curls organic rose & honey milk leave-in detanglerFlora & Curls organic rose & honey milk leave-in detangler

Flora & Curl African Citrus Bloom Superfruit Hair Oil (200ml / £25)

The African Citrus Superfruit Hair Oil contains the perfect blend of over 10 potent plant oils that nourish split ends, tame frizzy hair, provide heat protection, repair damaged hair and add shine. It leaves hair feeling softer and shiny while giving off the sweetest, invigorating scent found in no other hair product. This supercharged oil infuses the rarest African plant oils that are prized for their nutrient rich layer, to create the ultimate hair protective elixir. It is concocted with the Saharan protective oils of Jojoba OilKalahari Oil and Baobab Oil to restore hair’s natural sheen. 

Flora & Curl African citrus bloom superfruit hair oil

We bring you a nourishing hair oil made without traditional liquid silicones such as cyclopentasiloxane to give you a true natural shine. Instead, this concentrated hair wellness blend is fortified by the delicious superfruit oils of Papaya OilAvocado Oil and Watermelon Oil. Moisture is sealed in, helping your curls retain moisture, whilst enveloping each strand in an invisible, non-greasy, protective layer. An everyday hair essential for healthy hair protection!

Flora & Curl African citrus bloom superfruit hair oil

Summary of benefits:

  1. SEALING – 10+ Antioxidant-rich oils instantly seal in moisture 
  2. SMOOTHENING – Enhances natural sheen to create high shine and silkiness while reducing frizz
  3. REPAIRING – Protects against split ends, environmental damage and breakage
  4. PROTECTING – Effective protection from harmful UV rays and heat, such as straighteners and hair dryers.
  5. STIMULATES HAIR GROWTH – Vitamin C-rich fruit infusion balances and purifies the scalp
  6. BALANCING – Naturally soothes dry and itchy scalp
  7. Perfect formula for dry, dull, and damaged hair and scalp

Flora & Curl African citrus bloom superfruit hair oil

This oil is light weight and penetrates the hair strands without leaving it weighed down or greasy.  It helps to seal in moisture and leaves my hair silky soft, shiny and less frizzy. 

You know I love a good multi-tasking product… it can also be used as a pre-poo treatment, hot oil treatment, frizz taming serum and protect hair against damage caused by the sun, sea and chlorinated water.

The scent is similar to the shampoo…sweet and citrusy.  

I have to say my first box is pretty impressive with a value of £83 and I’m so happy that I discovered Flora & Curl. 

I’m very impressed with how well they performed and all the products smell so so good.  There’s also a code for 15% off your next purchase online at so I’ve got my eye on the Clay Wash and Hair Butter Concentrate.

Have you tried Curlee Box?  What do you think of this month’s box?

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