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SKN-RG is the newest generation of advanced skincare; a hybrid of modern-day alchemy and cutting-edge energetic medicine. Developed and produced in rural England by product creators Deborah and Robert Scott, selecting 100% certified organic and naturally luxurious ingredients.  Their journey inspired by ancient tradition, fused with Quanta® Wave technology, creates a skincare regime that goes far beyond the layers of the skin.

I caught up with Deborah to find out more about the brand….

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself

Mum of 2, wife to an amazing husband, Buddhist student, Naturalist and passionate lover of the sea and sound….


2. What led you to start your own brand and what was your biggest challenge?

To understand our story you have to begin where we did in 2009 as fresh faced mature university graduates.

Stood in our laboratory nestled amidst the stunning English coastline. We were surrounded by plants, extracts and actives, we knew somehow there was a missing link and were convinced that frequency was the key; our biggest challenge would be how do we apply it?

Inspired by our university work, spurred by the works of Einstein and Tesla, we created a powerful frequency chamber called “Quanta”. Quanta in essence pulses sound and light into each extract. If you have ever experienced a MRI scan.. then we are on the same page.

What we had actually created was a way to supercharge the extracts. This may sound like science fiction but actually, sound and light has regularly been used to increase plant growth. We had not only invented something completely new but also discovered and realised its potential. So much so that we had won a government award for our innovation.

3. How did you come up with the brand name?

Jogging along our beautiful coastline, I was watching how the sea enveloped the plants and then receded. My mind was full of thoughts about the link between the energy of the sea and the energy of the skin. My question to myself was “what exactly does the skin need?”.

Any passer-by must have thought I was nuts talking to myself with head phones and jogging, but all at once I was hit by the realisation that the skin needed energy.  Running home I burst into the house to share my moment with my husband who said “why don’t you shorten it to SK NRG”… and so SKN-RG was born.

4.  How important was it to formulate products using organic and natural ingredients?

Purity, purity and purity.  Interestingly my dissertation explored ethical consumerism and although customers may be swayed by words like ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ we felt it simply isn’t enough to say something without validating the claim.

Our products are Vegan approved under the Vegan society, Soil Association Organic with onbox logo, Leaping Bunny cruelty free but we also go to great lengths to give consumers validation that if our products reduce the signs of ageing that we have clinical evidence to back the claim up.

As a woman and skincare formulator and therapist, I often get dismayed at the level of unjustified product claims and green washing. So to me, it is doubly important to validate.

5.  What does it mean to be Soil Association certified?

It’s so easy to say this is ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ but actually without someone to “sheriff” those claims how can you know. How many of us have been fished in by marketing, only to find it doesn’t work or doesn’t live up to its label?

Being certified validates the claim you are making and gives consumers 100% guaranteed knowledge that what you are buying is what it says it is. Last year the Soil Association did an expose on few brands which was incredible!

6.  What sets SKN-RG apart from other brands?

Definitely Quanta®, Quanta makes SKN-RG products more than a mixture of cutting edge ingredients. It works beyond the surface layers of the skin!

7.  What are your current bestselling products?

Our Eye Elixir has won loads of awards and equally a hit with consumers with clinically proven actives to plump lift and firm.

thummbnail 350 x 350 Product 2 Eye Elixir SKN0209 copy

But I have to say Flash Balm, it has won 7 awards in 1 year and even beat Guinot and Benefit as best make up remover.

Image result for skn-rg cellular balance toner

Flash Balm has a hidden secret, as a mum of 2 I often get to the end of the evening feeling wiped out…

Standing looking in the mirror I look down to my wonderful products but sigh, I’m just too tired to even think of a 3 step regime!

Then I grab my Flash Balm, my little saviour, 3-1 it cleanses, tones and moisturises all thanks to a hidden wonderweb called Kombucha! Clinically proven to soften, hydrate and lift and put simply is a miracle in a bottle!

My go to and for many customers too, even my husband and a lot of our male customers use it to shave!

8. What is your morning and evening skincare routine?

I love, love, love Super Rich Cream Cleanser full of Prebiotics.  It halts breakouts, smooths and tones with energising extracts and gives my skin a real zing in the morning

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Winner – Best Cream Cleanser – Beauty Shortlist Awards 2018

Toner is one of my go to’s.  I add a little to my wash water to aromatise it feels so indulgent and soothing.

Image result for skn-rg cellular balance toner

…and then finally my Cellular Repair Moisturiser.

Award winning SKN-RG organics Moisturiser

9.  What’s next for SKN-RG?

We are just about to launch in an exclusive spa retreat with a new immersive facial treatment incorporating our Quanta innovation so watch this space for more info to come…

Many thanks Debs for taking time out of your busy schedule to share with us.  I will be sharing how you can Organic your September with SKN-RG next.

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