Review – KIKI Health Organic Moringa Leaf, Goji Berry & Carob Powders

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I try and eat a well-balanced diet but I also like to incorporate various supplements and superfoods to help boost my diet.

I love KIKI Health and today I’m sharing how I include their organic Moringa, Goji berry & Carob powders into my everyday diet.

KIKI Health Organic Moringa Leaf Powder (100g | £9.95)

Moringa leaf powder is notably high in natural protein, 23g per 100g powder. It contains eight of the essential amino acids, the building blocks of proteins.

The moringa tree has many uses in traditional medicine in Asia and West Africa, and produces edible pods, with a taste resembling asparagus. However, the tree is especially valued for its nutrient-rich leaves, and has been promoted as means of combating malnutrition in developing countries.

Our organic moringa leaves are harvested from organically grown trees in India.The leaves are harvested once in 30 to 45 days; ensuring that young, tender leaves are selected.

The leaves are sorted, washed for 30 seconds, drained, and ‘shadow dried’ in shade between 23 to 30C until dry and brittle. The leaves are then ground to give a fine powder.

Moringa Leaf Powder can be used in cakes, soups or sprinkled over salad. It is a delicious addition to any green smoothie or juice.

Moringa health benefits includes protecting skin and nourishing hair, fighting inflammation, promoting heart health, stabilizing mood and enhancing neurotransmitters function, stabilizing blood sugar levels, treating stomach disorders, protecting the liver, enhancing eyesight, boosting immunity, treating anemia, treating asthma, and helping to balance hormones.

Moringa is nutrient packed and is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It contains significant amounts of Vitamin A, C and E, calcium, potassium and protein. Gram for gram it contains: 2 x the amount of protein of yoghurt; 4 x the amount of Vitamin A as carrots; 3 x the amount of potassium as bananas; 4 x the amount of calcium as cows’ milk and 7 x the amount of vitamin C as oranges.

Some ways I love to incorporate Moringa daily into my diet are by adding it to some water with lemon and honey, as a tea, adding it to smoothies or sprinkling on salad. It has a slightly earthy taste which is similar to spinach.


KIKI Health Organic Goji Berry Powder (70g | £10.95)

Goji Berry Powder contains a combination of vitamins and minerals which enhances energy, supports the immune system and assists in maintaining healthy bones and brain health.

We use 100% organic goji berries that are freeze-dried at low temperatures to preserve the delicate enzymes and nutrients to create this concentrated and nutritionally dense goji berry powder.

Our organic goji powder originates from the heights of the Qinhai-Tibet plateau in China. Due to the height of the plantations, the growing goji berries enjoy clean, unpolluted air and nutrient-rich Himalayan glacier water. It is these conditions, along with the long hours of sunshine, which make our goji berries incredibly nutritious and pure.

Goji Berry Powder is wonderfully versatile. Blend one or more teaspoons of goji berry powder into smoothies, juices or yogurt.

Add to dessert recipes to give a nutritional boost or make your own refreshing goji berry juice by mixing around 1 tablespoon to 240ml filtered water.

Goji berries are an excellent source of antioxidants that help boost the immune system and protect the body from high levels of inflammation. Other benefits include promoting healthy skin, protecting eye health, help stabilize blood sugar and boost fertility.

I love to add it to my smoothies, chia pudding, yoghurt or just plain water. It has a slightly sweet and sour taste.


KIKI Health Organic Carob Powder (185g | £9.50)

Naturally sweet, carob powder is derived from the fruit of the carob plant. The fermentation process is a key stage in the development of the classic aroma and fl­avour of the carob.

Our Organic Carob Powder from Spain is derived from organically grown, fermented and sundried over several days in an ambient tropical temperature below 46°C. This procedure ensures that all the valuable nutritive contents of the carobs are retained.

✓ 100% raw
✓ Substitute for chocolate
✓ High in dietary fibre

Add carob powder to your favourite smoothie, yogurt, drinks and sweet recipes to create healthy chocolate treats.

Here’s a delicious avocado, banana and carob pudding. I simply whizz 1 avocado, banana and 4 tbsp carob powder in my food processor and top with chia seeds.

Carob is rich in calcium and iron. It is also a good source of riboflavin, folic acid, niacin, vitamin E, potassium, copper, manganese and selenium and dietary fiber.

Carob tastes similar to chocolate and is a great alternative if you’re looking for a chocolate substitute.  It has a lot of fibre, antioxidants, low amounts of fat and sugar, caffeine-free and gluten-free.

Carob is naturally sweet, rich and delicious and can help satisfy your sugar cravings so you can enjoy your favourite sweet treats with fewer calories, sugar and fat.

I love to add carob powder to smoothies, sprinkle on yoghurt, ice-cream, add to pancake batter, carob brownies, hot carob drink instead of hot chocolate and my favourite treat avocado, banana and carob pudding.



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