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The pressures of modern life can take its toll on us. In today’s world the demand on our minds and bodies to cope with stress is greater than ever.

For me trying to juggle daily commitments with the demands of family life can be a struggle sometimes. It can be hard to cope with all the stuff that life throws at me. I often experience physical and mental fatigue and just want to give up!

When you’re faced with emotional or physical stress, your adrenal gland releases a hormone called ‘cortisol‘. Cortisol is the main hormone involved in stress and the fight-or-flight response. This is a natural and protective response to a perceived threat or danger. Once the pressure or threat has passed, your stress hormone levels will usually return to normal.

However, if you’re constantly under stress, these hormones will remain in your body and when cortisol levels remain elevated, anxiety, chronic fatigue, hormone imbalances, irritability, poor sleep and weight gain are common side effects.

To help my body cope with stress I swear by adaptogenic supplements like Ashwagandha, Astragalus, Schisandra, Ginseng, Maca, Cordyceps, Reishi, Rhodiola Rosea and Tulsi.

What are adaptogens?

Simply put adaptogens help you adapt. They can be derived from plant, herbs or mushrooms. Adaptogens help your body to cope more effectively with stress, anxiety, fatigue and the demands of everyday life.

In today’s post I’ll be sharing the health benefits of one of my favourite adaptogenic herbs Rhodiola rosea.

What Is Rhodiola Rosea?

Rhodiola Rosea is a perennial flowering plant, also known as golden root, rose root and arctic root that grows at high altitudes in the arctic areas of Eastern Europe and Asia. It has a long history of use in traditional chinese medicine for improving stamina and reducing stress. The Vikings also used rhodiola to enhance physical strength.

Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogenic herb, and can help the body to adapt to stress. It helps the body adapt to stress by decreasing or preventing hormonal changes tied to prolonged stress: helping to lower cortisol levels, support brain function, energy levels and physical performance, while reducing mental and physical fatigue.

Health benefits include:

  • Promotes nervous system health
  • Increases energy levels
  • Enhances cognitive function, improves mental clarity and focus
  • Helps reduce occasional fatigue
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Promotes improvement in general well-being and mood
  • Helps improve symptoms of burnout
  • Promotes a normal healthy immune response
  • Normalizing body balance and the production of hormones
  • Normalizing reproductive hormones
  • Aids in reducing occasional anxiety associated with day-to-day life
  • Prevents fat buildup and burns energy
  • Protects muscle tissue during exercise
  • Enhances athletic performance and shortens recovery time between workouts.

I’m a huge fan of Fushi and love using their supplements.

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Fushi Fresh-Ground® Organic Rhodiola Rosea (60 caps | £13)

Fushi’s nutriceuticals are vegetarian friendly and professionally formulated with 100 % pure active ingredients in bio available form for the best absorption.

If you’re overwhelmed by the pressures of everyday life, suffer from fatigue, low energy, brain fog and poor concentration then I highly recommend you try Rhodiola.

I don’t know about you, I don’t enjoy being a grouch all the time. Taking Rhodiola daily has helped my body naturally cope with everyday pressures. It really helps to lift my mood, I’m more able to deal with whatever life throws at me and cope under pressure.

My mental clarify and focus has improved and I’m able to maintain concentration throughout the day. I sleep better and also have more energy.


Have you tried Rhodiola Rosea?




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