My Visit To Natural & Organic Products Europe 2022

It is great to finally be back at the Natural & Organic Products Europe trade show after three long years!

Natural & Organic Products Europe is your one-stop-shop for eco-friendly, sustainable, natural, organic and free from food, drink, beauty, self-care and well-being products.

Over two days, Natural & Organic Products Europe welcomes over 10,500 visitors from around the world. With over 700 exhibiting companies promoting a vibrant choice of natural, organic, plant-based, free-from, fairtrade, sustainable, eco-friendly, ethical, cruelty free, vegetarian, zero waste and vegan products.

The show also includes seminars where you can see and hear from some of the industry’s most respected names as they share the latest trends, research and innovations to hit the market.

I registered for a press badge which I was able to print at home. Prior to attending the show I received an online show preview with the exhibitor listfloorplanSeminar ProgrammeNew Products Showcase entries so I was able to plan ahead.

I attended the show on Sunday and it was such a great atmosphere, everyone was warm and welcoming. I had an amazing day networking, sampling and discovering all things natural and organic.

All the stands were well laid out and I visited as many stands as I could. Here are some of my highlights…

New Product Showcase displays products just hitting the market so and you can vote for your favourites across food, beauty, health and living. The winners and finalists can be found here

The very latest natural, organic, vegan, free-from, sustainable and eco-friendly beauty & wellbeing products from the UK and around the world.

Here are some newly discovered brands for me:

Setunea is a premium organic olive oil skincare brand that was established in London in 2018.

Made by Zen is a British lifestyle brand that create aroma diffusers and natural oils designed to make your world a calmer place.

SmartyPits is an American brand that manufactures natural deodorant that is completely aluminum free, paraben free, phthalate free, and propylene glycol free.

Made By Coopers is a British apothecary brand created by Clare and Darren Cooper to help boost and balance wellbeing. I got to chat with them and learn about their new Zen room & pillow spray which is designed for customers looking for a Lavender-free sleep spray. I was gifted their Calm room spray which smells amazing.

Alkmie is a Polish brand founded by a cosmetics expert with decades of experience in the spa industry. They combine biotechnological advancements with naturally derived ingredients to produce beauty products targeting individual skin care concerns. I got to try some of their products on the stand and their ‘Drop of sunshine bronzing butter’ is amazing.

It was great to see some familiar brands. I got to chat with Henrietta from Elsa’s Organic Skin Foods about some her new natural deodorant and bodycare products so watch out for a review soon.

Pravera are pioneers in organic and natural products with brands like Lavera, Organii, Organyc and SOiL.

Akoma are a great brand to source raw shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, black soap and other raw ingredients produced in cooperatives in Ghana, using traditional methods that don’t harm the environment.

It was great to catch up with my friend Zaina from CurlyEllie. She’s doing great things and I’m excited to see a new addition to the CurlyEllie Intense range – Strong Hold Finishing Hair gel will be launching soon so watch out for a review.

I love Inika Organic and was excited to see their new ‘Earth-first‘ packaging which will be launching May 1. The Australian brand is the world’s first makeup brand to go plastic neutral – they are now leading the way in SUSTAINABLE BEAUTY, by using sustainable packaging & tackling the plastic crisis head on.

Sukin is proudly owned and manufactured in Australia and has fast become one of the countries best-selling natural skin care brands. Their products are affordable and effective.

Lamazuna is a French brand with a wide range of zero waste hair, body, face, dental and feminine care products.

Ayumi Naturals is a British natural skincare brand inspired by the ancient principles of Ayurveda. Their three ranges are built using the ayurvedic ingredients Neem, Turmeric and Sandalwood.

Organically Epic is a multi award winning British dental brand. They have a range of toothpaste, bamboo tooth brushes, bamboo interdental brushes, dental floss and tongue cleaner. Their Sonic Wave Bamboo Electric toothbrush is the first of its kind to hit UK shores.

UpCircle Beauty is one of my favourite British brands founded by siblings Will and Anna. They transform ingredients like coffee grounds that would otherwise be discarded into dreamy natural and organic formulas that you won’t want to live without. I enjoyed catching up with Will and seeing how well the brand is doing. Anna was one of the speakers at the Natural beauty talks – Is ‘by-product beauty’ the next big thing?.

The Natural deodorant company is a British brand born out of the desire to create the perfect natural deodorant. The range has 3 lines: Active, Clean and Gentle. I use their Gentle range as it is bicarb free.

The ONLY event where you will discover the biggest selection of the latest food and drink innovations to be launched into this exciting and growing sector, from the UK and around the world.

I love my herbal tea so I had to stop by and check out British brands Pukka Herbs, Dragonfly Tea, English Tea shop, Twinings and American herbal tea brands Yogi Tea and Good Earth.

Chegworth Valley is a new brand for me. They are a family-run British farm that grow a wide range of delicious fruit and produce an extensive selection of single and unique blended fruit juices which include Spiced Apple, Apple & plum and their new Crimson Crisp juice.

Pip Organic are a British brand that are a favourite in my home. They are producers of award winning organic juices, smoothies, fruity waters, sparkling drinks, yummy snacks and lollies. I got to try their new Sparkling apple drink which is a refreshing blend of juicy organic apples and sparkling water – no added sugar or nasties!

Cidrani is a Croatian brand that is new for me. The team created the world’s first and only kombucha “to go” with live bacteria, made without refined sugar and in a unique single-use packaging for practical use.

The lovely founder Nika made me a fresh cup which actually tastes really good. You can get your daily dose of Kombucha on a monthly subscription.

Naturya is a favourite British brand in my home. They have a range of delicious, high-quality superfoods designed to help nourish your body. Their new range includes superfood boosted overnight oats, Keto porridges, flaxseed blends and Chia puddings. Stay tuned for a review soon!

Doves Farm is an award-winning British family-owned organic flour brand that is an essential in my home. I also use their award-winning gluten free brand Freee which is the UK’s No.1 Gluten Free Flour Brand. My hubby has coeliac disease so he uses the range which includes flour, baking mixes, breakfast cereals, pasta, oat bars, cookies and biscuits. They have a new range of breakfast cereals launching soon.

Ocean’s Halo is an American sustainability-driven food brand with 50+ asian-inspired products including (seaweeds, broths, rice, noodles & bowls, sauces, dressings & seasonings) that are organic, plant-based and free from most top allergens. Their newest innovation is their trayless seaweed snacks.

Coconut Merchant is a British brand with a wide range of coconut goodies that are favourites in my home. I always have to stop by their stall to sample their goodies and got to try their delicious coconut pudding. It was so good!

S Ventures brand is a British group with brands that include Pulsin’s bars, Ohso chocolate, Livia’s and Purely plantain chips.

Booja Booja is a British brand that create exquisite multi-award winning vegan chocolate truffles and ice-cream. Everything is organic, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and soya-free. Their new chocolate truffle flavours ‘Honeycomb caramel‘ and ‘Chocolate orange‘ are delicious.

Natural Balance Foods is a British brand with tasty healthy snacks that include Nakd and Trek. Their yummy treats are wheat free, gluten free, dairy free and vegan.

Proper is a British brand that make the yummiest lentil chips. My weekly shop includes their Sweet Sriracha Chilli and Barbecue chips. We also love their popcorn.

Eat Real is another British brand that make a variety of healthy and yummy snacks. Their snacks include Lentil chips, Hummus chips, Quinoa chips and Veggie straws.

The very latest clean and natural vitamins, minerals and supplements from the UK and around the world.

BetterYou is an innovative and multi-award winning British brand that specialise in pill-free nutritional supplements. Their range of oral sprays and transdermal magnesium products provide superior bioavailability. New products include their Air Defence Oral Spray which contains a unique blend of five essential nutrients to help the body defend against the damaging effects of air pollution and Lights-out Nightly Oral Spray which is a sleep-inducing blend of 5-HTP, lemon balm and passionflower to help promote relaxation in readiness for sleep. I was gifted one to try out so stay tuned for a review.

I was pleased to see they have teamed up with the Roald Dahl Story Company to bring a unique range of children’s vitamin and mineral supplements to support children’s health, wellbeing and sleep. I will be testing them out on my children soon.

Viridian Nutrition is a British brand that offers a range of supplements with the highest possible ethical standards while generating significant funds for children’s and environmental charities. Many of the Viridian Nutrition products are certified organic by the UK Soil Association. New products include VIRIDIKID vitamin C drop which contains acerola cherries grown ecologically in Brazil and Andrographis complex, a therapeutic blend of andrographis leaf extract with vitamin C and zinc to soften coughs and sorethroats.

Biocare is a trusted British brand with over 30 years experience that create advanced, effective food supplements without the use of unnecessary additives. Their new Adreno Complex is a unique combination of powerful nutrients for energy support and mental performance. It provides vitamins C & B6 for energy support and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, vitamin B5 for mental performance and steroid hormone metabolism, along with chromium for blood glucose support. It also includes powerful adaptogenic botanicals liquorice, Siberian ginseng, rhodiola & reishi mushroom along with magnesium for mental health and wellbeing.

Motion Nutrition is a new brand for me. They are a British brand with nutritional supplements aimed at helping us stress less, sleep deeper and live happier. Their organic, sustainable and award winning supplements are formulated by the brightest neuroscientists and made in the UK. New at the show is their Unplug Kids Bedtime, a sleep & development supplement suitable for children aged 4+ with a GF oat base, magnesium, vitamin D3, Chamomile, Lemon Balm and Saffron extracts. It comes in a convenient flavour-free powder that can simply be added to food or drink in the evening. I went home with some samples of their Unplug capsules and I’ve had the best sleep in a while.

A.Vogel is a long established leader in the field of natural health products. Alfred Vogel was the Swiss pioneer of natural health. Fresh organically grown herbs are the foundation of their effective, scientifically proven herbal remedies and nutritional supplements.

Wiley’s Finest wholeheartedly believe in the benefits of Omega-3 and are passionate about spreading the message of good health through Omega-3’s EPA & DHA generated from fish oils sourced from sustainable, USA wild caught fish, caught by US registered vessels in American waters. New at the show are Wiley’s Finest® Cod Liver Oil + (Orange Bliss) which tastes great and Wiley’s Finest® Wild Alaskan Omega-3s with Vitamin D3 capsules.

Terranova is one of my go-to supplement brands. They are a multi-award winning supplement company with a range of more than 130 synergistic nutritional and botanical supplements. Formulated and manufactured in Britain, Terranova use organic, fresh freeze dried wholefoods and botanicals and do not use fillers, binders and other additives. New at the show is their Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Boswellia Complex, a vegan formula targeted to bring balance to stressed ,overworked joints and connective tissue. 

Optibac Probiotics is the UK & Ireland’s most recommended range of friendly bacterial supplements. New at the show is their Adult Gummies – delicious everyday mixed-berry gummies, with scientifically proven friendly bacteria plus Vitamin D, Zinc and Calcium to support gut and immune health in 1 easy supplement. Unlike many other gummies on the market, Adult Gummies are vegan, with no added sugar and come in fully-recyclable, plastic-free packaging, with home compostable pouch.

Orange County CBD is a British CBD brand that was born in 2019 after two friends took a revolutionary trip to the Golden State, California. This led them to source the best quality hemp that they could use for their own range of products. They use only the best ingredients and are at the forefront of the CBD market with their range of oils, e liquids, gummies, and skin care range. I got to try some of their CBD gummies and they are simply irresistible.

Frank Fruities is a Swiss gummy supplement brand that are are vegan, made from 95% real fruit, no added sugar, preservatives or colorants. New at the show is their SKIN, HAIR & NAILS supplement which is made of real fruits (mangos, peaches, passion fruits, apples) and fortified with Biotin, Niacin and 11 other vitamins and minerals. It’s the 1st vitamin gummy certified by Swiss Vitamin Institute.

Salus UK Ltd are the UK subsidiary and distributor for German manufacturer Salus Haus. Their Floradix brand of liquid supplements, tablets and herbal teas are well known all over the world. New products include their Floradix Immune Support Liquid formula which is based on an aqueous herbal extract from selected plants and echinacea. Floradix KIDS is based on the well-established Floradix Liquid iron formula, however the taste and formula have been produced with children in mind with a delicious raspberry taste.

Discover the latest organic and plastic-free eco-living products

Georganics are a British brand that make natural, sustainable and effective oral care products. They have a range of mineral toothpaste, toothpaste tablets, mouth wash tablets and other dental products.

Miniml is a British brand founded by Emma and Scott. They are a leading manufacturer of a range of eco-refillable cleaning, laundry and personal care products. They offer a closed loop supply chain where every product they produce is collected to be cleaned, reused and refilled so there is absolutely no waste.

Huski Home is a British family-run company that put sustainability at the top of their priority list. They create eco-friendly, reusable homewares from natural waste and by-products. I enjoyed chatting with Lisa and discovering their new handmade Coconut bowl Soy wax candles made from discarded coconut shells. They look and smell amazing.

Black + Blum is a London based design company that produce high quality and eco-friendly lunch boxes, water bottles and thermoses. Dan Black who leads the design team was on a mission to rid the world of single-use plastic bottles and take away containers. His single goal was to create products which are functional, innovative and most importantly, made to last.

Fill Refill Co is a family-run British brand with a range of refillable eco laundry, household cleaning and personal care products that look good, work great and reduce packaging waste. Supplied in 500ml screen-printed glass bottles and jars, 10L bag in box, 20L PCR refills and returnable bulk 200L. They can also supply 600L & 1000L containers that they pick up and refill for a zero waste closed loop solution. I took home a sample of their Fig leaf body wash which smells amazing.

Delphis Eco is the UK’s leading manufacturer of eco cleaning products made from plant-derived renewable and sustainable resources and pioneers of the UK’s first 100% recycled plastic bottle packaging.

Eco-max is the natural choice for healthy cleaning made in Canada. Their dish washing, laundry, household and personal care products are made with powerful plant-based ingredients and the greatest care for people and the planet. New at the show is their Eco-Max Laundry Liquids packed in new Sugar Cane+ bottles. Each bottle is made from sugar cane derived and recycled resins, helping consumers reduce use of virgin fossil fuel-based plastics while contributing to reducing carbon emissions. Eco-Max Laundry Stain Remover is a new bleach-free way to lift tough fabric stains. Its powerful plant-based and enzyme boosted formula lifts stains from sweat, urine, blood, grass, oil, wine, tea, coffee, ketchup, berries, baby food, and more.

Mooncup® is the original, soft, medical-grade silicone menstrual cup. Designed by women and made in the UK to the highest quality standards, the Mooncup® is a safe and eco-friendly alternative to tampons and pads.

BP3 Underwear is a British brand that make washable, absorbent and discreet underwear that protect from all leaks – from periods to incontinence, sweat to discharge.

FLUX Undies is an award-winning and female owned period underwear British brand. Their period underwear is a modern and sustainable alternative to pads and tampons. They look like regular underwear, but the built-in technology absorbs liquid and prevents leaks, completely replacing single-use disposables. Made from materials like TENCEL™, the soft and comfortable reusable underwear comes in various styles across inclusive sizes.

Plastfree is a British personal hygiene brand with a vision to make organic period products accessible to all. Their liners, pads, tampons & maternity pads are a perfect alternative to conventional products that are plastic based.

Boody create eco-friendly non-seasonal clothing made from organically grown bamboo. The range include a collection for women, men and babies.

Kinetic Natural Product Distributor have been suppliers of ethical, natural and organic beauty, nutrition and superfood brands to the health food industry and practitioners for over 23 years. Their beauty brands include some of my favourites like Antipodes, Avalon Organics, Giovanni and Pacifica. Their nutrition and superfood brands include my favourites Garden of life, Nature’s Answer and Nutiva.

The Cheeky Panda create ultra sustainable and hypoallergenic household, baby & beauty products from 100% bamboo which is good for us and our planet. They just launched their Eco Friendly Bamboo Baby Nappies.

Attitude® is a Canada-based company that develops natural personal care and household products dedicated to promoting healthy living. They have developed a complete range of effective and plastic-free body and beauty products to reduce the use of single-use plastic.

Thank you Natural and Organic Products Europe for having me.  I had an amazing time meeting new brands and catching up with some well known brands.

Until next time,


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