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Good quality sleep is vital for our physical, mental and emotional health. Most adults need around 7-9 hours of sleep each night, however it’s not only the quantity of sleep we get that matters. Another important factor is our sleep quality – how well and how deeply we sleep.

It is estimated that around 40% of people in the UK suffer with sleep issues. Sleep deprivation increases our stress hormone levels causing us to feel tired, irritable, unable to concentrate and fatigued.

There are times when I struggle to fall asleep or wake up during the night and struggle to drift back to sleep. Not having a good night’s sleep takes a huge toll on my mental and physical health.

BetterYou™ have just released ‘the perfect bedtime companion’ which I was eager to try out.

Better You Lights-Out Nightly Oral Spray 50ml

Lights-out Nightly Oral Spray has been specially designed to be taken before bed to prepare the body to relax in readiness for sleep. Providing 50mg of 5-Hydroxytryptophan in a great-tasting, convenient spray.

  • Delivers 50mg of 5-HTP to support relaxation in readiness for sleep
  • Great-tasting natural raspberry flavour
  • Manufactured from 100% recyclable, planet-friendly packaging
  • Suitable for vegetarians, vegans, diabetics and coeliacs
  • Certified free from any palm oil and palm oil derivatives

Scientifically formulated to deliver the nutrients directly into the bloodstream, the tiny droplets within the spray absorb quickly via the buccal membrane of the inner cheek, providing fast and effective nutrient uptake, bypassing the primary processing by the gut. 

This allows the formulation to quickly enter the bloodstream for optimal absorption.


Water, diluent (xylitol), griffonia simplicifolia extract (5-Hydroxytryptophan), acidity regulator (citric acid), passiflora incarnata (passionflower) extract, melissa officinalis (lemon balm) extract, preservative (potassium sorbate), natural flavouring (raspberry).

This spray is a great natural remedy to help me drift off to sleep. I keep it on my bedside table and use it just before bedtime. I love the spray formula as it is convenient, absorbs faster and tastes good.

To use, shake well before every use. Carefully spray 5 times into your mouth, ideally onto the inside of your cheek and hold for a few seconds.

I found this spray really effective as it has made a huge difference to my sleep. I’m able to fall asleep quickly, sleep more soundly and deeper.

I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. The more rested I am, the better my mind and body function.

If you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep, here is a good bedtime routine to follow.

  • Ditch the blue light devices: The blue light from smartphones & TVs suppresses the production of melatonin, a hormone which is responsible for the sleepy feeling and acts a prompt that we’re ready to sleep.
  • Wind down before bed: Relax in a magnesium-rich body or footbath with Magnesium Sleep Flakes
  • For night-time relaxation: Apply Magnesium Sleep Lotion to support with relaxation and muscle tiredness.
  • Lights-out Nightly Oral Spray: Take 5 sprays of this pill-free blend of 5-HTP, lemon balm and passionflower – the perfect bedtime companion.
  • Wake up at the same time everyday: Going to bed at the same time, and waking up at the same time every morning helps your circadian rhythm develop a healthy cycle.





I hope some of these steps will help you sleep better 💤 😴




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