Review: Natura Siberica Copenhagen Shower Gels

I’m pretty much obsessed with Natura Siberica shower gels and I’m on a quest to try every variety.

I was quite excited when I saw the new Copenhangen collection on their website.

This collection was created specially for the opening of Natura Siberica’s flagship store in Copenhagen.

Bringing together the purity of Scandinavia and the power of Siberian nature, products are made using the most effective ingredients from herbs and  plants found in harsh climatic regions, which have adapted unique and vital properties.

The Copenhangen collection includes shampoo and conditioners, hair masks, face creams, shower gels, body scrubs and creams.

I love the white matt packaging, it looks clean and stylish.



A refreshing shower gel sets the right mood giving a lasting feeling of freshness all day long, making skin softer and silky to the touch.

Birch has cleansing properties with a large number of minerals and microelements along with vitamins C and B that moisturize and soften skin.

Snow cladonia helps to nourish skin thanks to its high concentration of usnin acid.








This delicate shower gel gently cleanses and pampers skin.

Natural extract of Tundra flowers has a calming effect, help to remove fatigue and tension.

Iris contains fatty acids that make the skin more supple and elastic, with proteins that nourish and soften skin to make it more smoother and silkier.

Edelweiss is rich in tannin that helps skin renewal







Polar Blueberry Shower Gel is a source of perfection and purity.

It delicately cleanses and pampers skin, providing a boost of vitamins for skin tone and beauty.

Blueberry is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, C, PP, antioxidants and microelements that help to nourish skin.

Arnica contains essential oils and flavonoids that moisturize skin, and have a calming effect, making skin more softer and more velvety.




I really love this new collection.  They all smell gorgeous, I could literally sniff the bottles all day!

Like all their other shower gels, they gently cleanse the skin leaving it soft and pampered.

I also use them on my little ones as they do not contain harmful chemicals:

  • 0% SLS                 0% SLES
  • 0% Mineral oils      0% PEG
  • 0% Parabens         0% Glycols
  • NO GMO plants were used


The 400ml bottle is a great size and as you only need to use a little amount, it lasts ages.

Another added bonus is their prices are really affordable which is very important for me.


Have you tried any of their products? Please feel free to comment below, I’d love to hear from you.


Lola 🙂



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