Review: Samsung AddWash™ WW80K54100w Washer Dryer

The new Samsung AddWash™ WD80K5410OW Washer Dryer is an excellent upgrade from our old Samsung model.


It is rather sleek and stylish.

Samsung AddWash™ WD80K5410OW washer dryer


  • 8kg drum wash capacity / 6kg drying capacity
  • AddWash™
  • Ecobubble Energy Saving
  • Diamond Drum
  • Spin speed: 1400 rpm
  • Quick wash time: 15 minutes
  • Energy rating: A
  • Five-year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Digital Inverter Motor

Now the feature I was most excited about is  AddWash™


Now an all too familiar scenario …. you load the washing machine and minutes later you find 1 sock or other items dropped  on the way or find some stray clothes hidden in the kids rooms.  Now you have to wait till the next wash day, so annoying!!!

Well thanks to Samsung’s new and innovative AddWash™ (door-within-a-door) feature which lets you add forgotten items during wash cycles, my laundry day is a little easier and stress-free.


It is very easy to use.  During the wash cycle* when the AddWash indicator turns on, you can stop operation of the machine and put additional laundry or softener into the drum.

  • Press Start/Pause to stop operation
  • Press the upper area of the Add Door until you hear a clicking sound to unlock.
  • Pull the handle of the Add Door to open.
  • Open the Add Door and insert additional laundry or softener into the drum.
  • Push to lock the Add Door until you hear a clicking sound.
  • Press Start/Pause to resume operation.

You can also add extra fabric softener at the start of the rinse cycle or delicate hand wash items near the end of the cycle.

Don’t worry the door is also large enough to let you add a pair of jeans or even a bath towel.

The AddWash™ door also features the ‘child lock’ so your little kids won’t be able to open it.

* AddWash™ door can be opened at any time when the drum temperature is below 50°C.


It features an LED display panel and a row of touch screen buttons beneath the display which is stylish and easy to use.


To select your desired wash programme, simply turn the large central dial.



The washing machine provides a three-compartment dispenser: the left compartment for the main wash detergent, the middle compartment for fabric softener, and the right compartment for the prewash detergent.


(If you use liquid detergent, remember to insert the liquid container at the back of the drawer).


The Diamond Drum’s unique “soft curl” design with smooth, diamond-shaped ridges provides a powerful yet gentle washing performance.

The diamond embossed drum gently moves clothes along the uniquely designed drum, while smaller water holes prevent fabrics from snagging and being damaged. Get fabric care with deep-clean results.


The Digital Inverter Motor features an innovative brushless design and uses magnets to drive the drum’s rotation.


With the new motor, there’s less friction, which means there’s less noise and vibration. The reduced friction also cuts down on wear and tear of the machine’s working parts, so its durability is guaranteed with a 10-year warranty.


  • Cotton: for cottons, bed linen, towels or shirts.  The washing time and number of rinse cycles are automatically adjusted according to the load
  • Synthetics: for blouses or shirts made of polyester, nylon etc
  • Wool: specific for machine-washable wool for loads less than 2kg.  The wool course features gentle cradling and soaking to protect the wool fibres from shrinkage/distortion
  •  Baby care: featuring a high-temp wash and extra rinses to ensure that no detergent remains
  • Outdoor Care: for outdoor clothes, skiwear and sportwear that are made from spandex, stretch and microfibre
  • Rinse + Spin: featuring an additional rinse after applying fabric softener to the laundry
  • Daily wash: for everyday items such as shirts, trousers, pyjamas, and underwear
  • 15-minute quick wash: for lightly soiled garments in less than  is practical for lightly soiled garments in less than 2kg that you want to wash quickly
  • Super eco wash: low temperature Eco Bubble contributes to power saving
  •  Eco drum clean: Wash the drum as easily as you clean your clothes by turning the dial to Eco Drum Clean. The eco-friendly cleaning cycle is a  70-degree wash that removes detergent residue and dirt buildup—without harsh chemicals. Not sure when to clean the tub? An alarm goes off after every 40 loads to remind you.
  • Air Wash: The Air Wash function refreshes garments through Samsung’s unique air-washing technology without the need for water. DEODORIZATION – Use this cycle to remove bad odors from the laundry.   Sanitanitization Use this cycle to remove bad odors and bacteria from the laundry.


  • Intensive: For badly soiled laundry. The operation time for each cycle is longer than normal.
  • Pre Wash: This will add a preliminary washing cycle before the main wash cycle.
  • Bubble Soak: Bubble Soak is available with and adds up to 30 minutes to 3 cycles: Cotton, Synthetics, and Baby Care.  Using the cleaning power of bubbles, clothes get a deeper yet gentler clean. Bubbles soak into your fabrics 40 times faster than a standard wash too, so stains don’t stand a chance! And, because they’ll get to work using cool or warm water, you’ll save energy and money.
  • Delay End: this feature lets you preset a wash cycle’s ending time. It can be adjusted and delayed by up to 19 hours, so that damp clothes aren’t left in the washing machine for too long.


There are 2 drying programmes available:

COTTON DRY – For general drying.

SYNTHETICS DRY – A low temperature drying cycle for heat sensitive garments.

All drying options except for the Time Dry option detect the weight of the laundry in order to display a more accurate drying time and dry the laundry more effectively.

The catchy tune played after each cycle is particularly handy if you live in townhouse. However, if you are not particularly fond of it you can easily disable this feature by holding “Rinse” and “Spin”


Imagine not having to call an engineer when there’s a problem because your washing machine notified you first with the solution.


Thanks to the innovative Smart Check which detects and diagnoses errors at an early stage and provides quick and easy troubleshooting solutions.

You don’t even have to consult your user manual — you can correct the issue before it becomes a real headache.

To enable this function, you must first download the Samsung Smart Washer app at the Play Store or the Apple Store, and install it on a mobile device featuring a camera function.


Breakthrough Samsung ecobubble™ technology froths detergent with air and water before the cycle begins, generating cleansing bubbles that penetrate fabrics faster than concentrated detergent. Wash clothes as effectively in cool water as you would in warm water which saves energy.  Better for the environment and your bills.


I’ve put the ecobubble™ technology through a challenging test using stains that I struggle to remove: coffee, ketchup, chocolate, coconut oil, biro, paint, turmeric, tea.  I used a natural non-bio detergent on a 40 degrees wash and activated the bubble soak feature.


The results: Most tough stains completely disappeared. Although the stubborn purple paint and coffee is slightly visible, they’ll certainly come off with a stronger biological detergent or require an intensive cycle and pre wash simultaneously.


Overall this new Samsung Addwash™ Washer Dryer is stylish, quiet, and gives an impressive performance.

It is currently on sale for £699 – was £799 *save £100

I hope you found this review helpful.


Disclosure:  I was sent this appliance by to review and keep.  All thoughts are entirely mine.

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    1. Hi Tracy, no it doesn’t. There is a little drain and filter outlet at the bottom of the machine where you drain water and clean the filter 5-6 times a year. Hope that helps.

    1. Hi Daren, the machine is still performing well and it’s almost 3 years. I’ve had Samsung washer dryers before and they last years. Hope that helps.

  1. hello, just a quick question regarding the liquid detergent guide/block… it seems that the liquid detergent can still flow under the block. I have this assumption that this is a block so the detergent wont get dispensed prematurely. Does the liquid detergent flow under the block in your machine?

  2. i don’t know if my comment went through. But i will try again. Feel free to erase duplicates
    is the liquid detergent block really blocking it prematurely? With my machine, the liquid can still flow under the block. So if I needed to pre-wash, the main detergent is also gone. so i don’t understand the purpose of this one. I assume that its purpose is to block the detergent from dispensing prematurely.


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