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Plastic is everywhere and plastic pollution is a global problem. More than 300 million tons of plastic are made every 12 months. Half of the plastic we make are single-use products, which are destined to be used just for a few moments and then be discarded—but will last for many centuries.

Six decades of plastic mass production resulted in 6.3 metric tons of trash, only 12% of which has been incinerated. The remaining 79% of plastic waste either sits idly in landfills or finds its way into the natural environment. Statistics on global plastic waste further indicate that only 9% of plastic can be recycled.

It is estimated that every year anywhere from 4.8 to 12.7 million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean each year.

We can all make a difference and there are easy changes we can all take to cut down the plastic waste we create at home.

Are you looking to reduce some of your plastic waste? Why not be part of Plastic Free July and choose to refuse single-use plastics.

Join millions of people reducing their plastic waste.

Plastic Free July® is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution – so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities.

Going plastic free is a lifestyle change and it can be overwhelming not knowing where to start. A great place to start is by taking a look in your bathroom and the personal care products you use. I’m sure you’ll discover a lot of single-use plastics. You don’t have to throw away your current products. Just take it step by step and swap products out as they run out.

This month, I picked out some eco-friendly essentials from LoveLula to help get you started…

PureChimp 100% Natural Facial Cleanser – 80g

  • A gentle but effective natural cleanser
  • 100% Natural, vegan, alcohol free & palm oil free
  • Also great for sensitive skin
  • Cleanse your skin without aggravating it
  • Packaged in recyclable glass

Ground Almonds, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vegetable Glycerine, Kaolin Clay, Dried Marigold, Banana Flavour, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Vitamin E Oil (Wheatgerm Oil)

I love this cleanser and I’ve purchased it several times. It comes packaged in a recyclable glass jar which you can repurpose afterwards.

The ingredient list is simple, all natural and great for sensitive skin. The banana scent is so yummy you’d be tempted to eat it. It is easy to use – you simply take a small piece of the cleanser and mix with water in your palm. Then you massage gently into your skin. I love that it cleanses while gently exfoliating at the same time.

It feels really soothing on the skin.  After rinsing my skin feels thoroughly cleansed, super soft, and balanced with a nice glow.

If you’re looking for a natural and effective cleanser, give this one a try!

Woobamboo Adult Soft Toothbrush

Every year billions of plastic toothbrushes are thrown away, clogging landfills and polluting the oceans. Woobamboo toothbrushes offer a natural and biodegradable option that works just as well and last just as long as a conventional toothbrush.

These WooBamboo brushes tout a beautiful ergonomic handle made from a single piece of carved, FSC Certified 100% Sustainably Harvested bamboo, containing no toxins, glues, or paints. They are sanded and sealed by hand using a Vegan soybean wax to ensure smoothness and longevity! This toothbrush is completely BPA and phthalate free. All bristle-strengths feature dental-grade nylon bristles that are also recyclable if your local facility accepts them.

I’m a fan of WooBamboo and their toothbrushes are one of the best I’ve tried so far. The handle is made from sustainable and organic Moso bamboo which is panda friendly (not the bamboo that they eat). The recyclable bristles are Dupont Tynex, arguably the best quality and most trusted bristle available. So when you’re done using your WooBamboo toothbrush, you could literally pull out and recycle the bristles, and throw the handle into your compost where it will gently biodegrade.

They’re “Dentist approved, Mother Nature recommended!” All packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials.

Fair Squared Zero Waste Spearmint Toothpaste 50ml

Ideal for extra freshness after teeth brushing: Our toothpaste with a fresh mint taste, available in a zero-waste glass jar. Gives a fresh feeling in the mouth, cleanses gently and is the plastic-free alternative to conventional dental hygiene products. Fluoride-free.


Calcium Carbonate, Sorbitol, Glycerine, Silica, Aqua, Mentha Piperita Leaf Extract (Peppermint Tea *), Sodium Coco Sulfate, Xylitol, Aroma, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Xanthan Gum, Limonene, Linalool

This zero waste glass jar is a great alternative to a plastic tube of toothpaste. You can recycle it or repurpose and re-use afterwards. The formula gently cleans the teeth and gums and leaves my mouth minty fresh.

Woobamboo Small Interdental Brush Picks (8 pack)

For those times when floss just isn’t enough! A hybrid between a toothbrush and a toothpick, these interdental brush picks get in between your teeth, to get those super hard-to-reach spots. They are reusable, and come with a cap to keep ‘em clean and dry between uses. 

The leaflet and box are made from paper and cardboard printed with soy-based inks, completely recyclable and/or biodegradable. The cap that comes on each individual brush pick is made of PLA, which is a corn-starch based plastic polymer that is commercially compostable. They’re not made of fossil-fuel petroleum like standard plastics, but instead corn, a renewable resource!

I’ve been using interdental brushes since my dentist recommended them. This one from Woobamboo is great as it’s plastic free. The bamboo slim handle allows me to rotate the brush easily and I find it more comfortable to use. It does a great job and best of all it’s eco-friendly.

Georganics Activated Charcoal Natural Dental Floss

Clean in between your teeth the zero-waste way with Georganics Natural Activated Charcoal Dental Floss which is vegan and cruelty free. Unlike conventional dental floss, Georganics floss is plastic-free, made with compostable charcoal fibres and corn-based PLA. This floss is coated with vegetable wax and organic peppermint oil which studies have shown as being very effective in killing anaerobic bacteria that left untreated can cause gum disease. 


Charcoal Powder^, Corn PLA Floss, Vegetable Wax*^, Mentha Piperita Oil*^. *Organic, ^Natural.

This is a great swap from conventional floss and is completely free of synthetic ingredients. It comes in a glass dispenser with a metal cap. You can purchase refill packs and top up the dispenser. The eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable packaging makes this a simple plastic-free bathroom swap.

Marley’s Amsterdam Sustainable Shampoo – Eucalyptus & Green Clay 50g

Normal shampoo consists of 80% water. It’s a shame, isn’t it?

Why let trucks drive unnecessarily with all that water when it comes out of the tap at home? With this unique product you can now easily make your shampoo at home in 4 simple steps. This saves on the use of plastic, reduces CO2 emissions and contains only natural ingredients.


Olive oil (sodium olivate), Coconut oil (Sodium cocoate), Castor oil (Sodium Castorate), Rice oil (Oryza sativa bran oil), Teatree (Melaleuca alternifolia), Argan oil (Argania spinosa oil), Green clay (Illite), Citrus (Citrus aurantifolia oil), Cedar (Cedrus atlantica oil), Eucalyptus (eucalyptus globulus leaf oil), Cetyl alcohol

This is a new one for me and I like the concept of the shampoo flakes transforming to a liquid shampoo. The bag is filled with 50 grams of natural shampoo flakes that will dissolve into 450ml liquid shampoo.

The packaging instruction suggests you make the shampoo the night before you would like to use it. Then follow these 4 steps.

  • Step 1: Fill your Marley’s bag with 400 millilitres of boiled water and stir.
  • Step 2: Leave it for about 30 minutes until the flakes have dissolved and the shampoo has cooled down a bit. Then pour it into the Marley’s bottle (or a different empty bottle).
  • Step 3: Put the bottle (without the pump) in the fridge overnight (at least 8 hours) and time will do the rest.
  • Step 4: The next morning, turn the pump back onto the bottle, shake it and your shampoo is ready to use.

I can’t wait to try this out.

grüum Såpa Zero Plastic Patchouli and Sandalwood Body Bar 95g

Our exotic såpa Patchouli & Sandalwood Body Bar is made with nourishing coconut oil and skin friendly ingredients, to give you a creamy and caring wash. Handmade in England. 100% natural, vegan-friendly, plastic free, SLS free, additive-free, palm oil-free and cruelty-free.


Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Olivate, Aqua, Butyrospermum Parkii, Pogostemon Cablin (Patchouli) Essential Oil, Santalum Album (Sandalwood) Powder

Making the switch from shower gel to bars of soap is an easy way to reduce consumption of single-use plastics. I love the scent of this soap…. sweet-woody balsamic tones of Sandalwood and spicy and musky tones of Patchouli. It lathers up beautifully and cleanses my skin without drying it out.

ORGANii Organic Cotton Patches – 20 pieces

Organii Patches are designed to be gentle to skin while helping to protect cuts, grazes, lumps and bumps – providing long lasting care while allowing the skin to breathe. Dermatologically tested – 100% certified organic cotton backing – 100% certified organic cotton pad – Free from chemical bleaching – No pesticides – No herbicides – No fungicides – No added aromas.

We love Organii cotton patches in my home. They are perfect for those who react to conventional plasters, the ingredients in Organii patches are simple; just 78% Organic Cotton and 22% Natural Adhesive.

The protective paper covering the patches adhesive and cotton pad is made from Glassine; 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable.

They are gentle on the skin and actually stay on while allowing the skin to breathe. Sadly these patches don’t last long in my house as my daughter wants one for even the slightest scratch!


I hope you found these swaps helpful. What swaps will you make this month?








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