Q & A with Graeme Hume, Founder of Organii Everyday Organics

Making the switch to natural and organic products can be confusing and most times seriously pricey!

I’m always on the lookout for natural and organic products for my family without breaking my budget.


offer a range of Certified Organic & Natural everyday essentials at affordable prices that won’t look out of place in even the most stylish homes.  The products are suitable for all the family, all skin types and looks especially good in any bathroom.

Organii Everyday Organics include, shower gelsliquid hand soapssun protectionbar soapsorganic cotton plasters and mouthwash.

Organii everyday organics



I reached out to the brand to find out more.  Let’s hear from Graeme Hume, Founder and MD.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I started Pravera Ltd in 1999 and began importing and distributing the brand ‘Lavera’ in the same year. Previously, I had been distributing organic foods. Over the years, Pravera has created a portfolio of products certified organic and natural products. My intention is to offer the most comprehensive range of certified organic and natural products for maintenance of the skin on the market!


What’s the story behind ORGANii? What inspired you to start your own brand?

During the development of Pravera, I had been approached by many innovative brands – but often these companies had small ranges. At the same time I was also approached by brands that had large, established ranges – but their packaging and names were unsuitable and/or unappealing for the UK.

I realised that there was a gap in the market, and so ORGANii was born. I reached out to a marketing company to develop the brand; we considered all the potential products, and they developed brand guidelines.  The whole process started in 2011 and it took until 2013 before we had our own products. We’re constantly trying to find products to introduce to our range in order to satisfy the customer demand for more affordable organic products.


Most people associate organic and natural products with being expensive.  How important was it for you to create an affordable brand?

I discovered from some of the brands with ‘terrible’ packaging that organic did not have to mean expensive. I wanted to offer something different and prove that you could shop responsibly and organic on a budget, so our strap line became ‘EVERYDAY ORGANICS’. It is still my aspiration to offer an even greater range at very competitive prices to allow more and more shoppers to purchase organic products.


When it comes to your ingredients, sourcing and manufacturing, what standards do you follow?

All our ingredients are responsibly sourced, and our products responsibly produced. It is crucial to the brand that the product range is effective, of the highest standard of course, possibly most importantly – Certified Organic.

Thanks to this ethos, our products are all certified by the Vegan Society symbol, Soil Association, ICEA (Italian organic certification), Ecocert, Ecogarantie, GOTS (organic cotton textiles), so the consumer knows they can trust the brand!


What has been the most challenging part of your journey creating ORGANii?

I recently adopted all responsibility for a brand (previously Gentle Green) which offered products for eczema and psoriasis, in order to introduce their products in to the ORGANii range. In this instance, I have had to become involved in every aspect of the process including the formula and the gaining of certification. By the time we get the product re-launched it will have taken 12 months. Being an impatient person I found this very challenging!


How did you decide on what products to create? Tell us about your product range.

The decisions were driven by personal experience – either knowing the product, the brand, the owner and whether I felt there was an opportunity (with using organic products myself).

The first products we launched were from a brand which produced high quality, fair price liquid and bar soaps – but they were the pack was inappropriate for UK shoppers. This was followed by shower gels which also had inappropriate labels but were priced very well. I knew that if I rebranded these and made them appealing to the UK market, they would do very well! Although they are not innovative products, the Italian company I made the contract with also offered a certified organic sun screen, plasters made from organic cotton and mouthwash half the price of any other certified organic on the market, all of which of course are now some of the most renowned and well-loved products ORGANii sell!


What can we expect from ORGANii in the near future?

In the future (well, the next two months) we will launch hand creams and Arnica Gel, and as mentioned earlier, an intensive cream for persons with very sensitive skin!  I would like to develop the range to fulfil the strapline ‘EVERYDAY ORGANICS’ with shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste, deodorants, foot cream and of course any small brand with innovative certified products.


Thank you Graeme for taking time out to share with us.  Find out more at ORGANii

I’m excited to try the products and will be doing a review soon, so stay tuned.


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