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I’m an avid herbal tea drinker, I have such a varied selection in my home and I love trying out new and exciting tea blends.

There is a huge variety of herbal teas available to suit various palates with many health benefits.  I just love discovering and experiencing healing herbs.

I avoid caffeine and many herbal teas are either low in or caffeine-free which is great for me.

When it comes to choosing teas my personal preference is the loose variety.  I find they have a more intense and fuller flavour with a fresher, clean taste. When you infuse loose tea in hot water, the water is able to easily flow through the herbs and leaves extracting the nutrients, flavours and aroma.

I have a Sage Tea Maker and I find when I brew my tea and need a refill I can just add more water and steep the tea again.  This tends to give me a stronger, more flavourful cup of tea. Another added benefit is my tea blend will last longer giving me more value for money.

I’ve tried a few blends from Beauty Brews Organic Teas and I love the quality of the teas.  I decided to choose two new ones to try out.

beauty brews organic teas


Both teas have the perfect base of Rooibos tea which is rich in minerals that help boost the immune system. It contains calcium, iron, potassium, copper, manganese, magnesium, zinc and alpha hydroxy acid.  It is also high in anti-oxidants and contains 50% more antioxidants than green tea.  It is rich in polyphenols which have anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.



Beauty Brews Organic Teas Hygge – Orange & Cinnamon Tea 50g 

£9.50  £3.50

Hygge Orange & Cinnamon Tea is named after the famous Danish idea of creating a nice, cosy atmosphere and enjoying the simple things in life with good people around you. It contains rooibos tea which is free from caffeine and low in tannins and has a high mineral content.

Beauty brews organic teas Hygge - orange & cinnamon tea

The orange peels are rich in flavonoids and taste and together with the cinnamon and apple add seasonal spice to the mix. A tea to relax with friends and family during the long winter months!

Beauty brews organic teas Hygge orange & cinnamon tea

To brew add 1 teaspoon of tea per cup into 100-degree hot water and let steep for 5 minutes.

Beauty brews organic teas Hygge orange & cinnamon tea

First of all this tea smells so…..good.  The scent is aromatic, warm and spicy.  The taste is delicious….. fruity apple bits, citrus flavour of orange, aromatic, uplifting and warming cinnamon, perfectly balanced with the honey-like floral sweetness from Rooibos.

It’s the perfect blend for these cold winter days, really comforting.  Any excuse to grab a blanket, a good book and just chill with my lovely cuppa.


Beauty Brews Organic Tea Grace – Orange & Apple Tea 50g 

£9.50  £3.50

Grace Orange & Apple is a rooibos based tea containing lemongrass, blackberry leaves, fennel, orange peel and apple bits. Rooibos tea is free from caffeine and low in tannins and its mineral content is very high.
Beauty brews organic tea Grace - orange & apple tea
Orange peel cleanses while the apple bits give this tea a beautifully rounded fruity flavour. A great tea that purifies to leave you feeling beautiful.


Beauty brews organic tea Grace - orange & apple tea
To brew simply add boiling water to 1 – 2 teaspoons of tea per cup and let steep for 5 minutes.
Beauty brews organic tea Grace - orange & apple tea


This tea is unique and definitely my favourite. I just love the earthy, spicy and fruity scent.  It is a wonderful mix of honey-like floral Rooibos, citrusy orange, deliciously fruity apple, aromatic and spicy cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom, woody and citrus lemongrass, calming Vervain and Chamomile.  It’s the perfect calming and relaxing tea  that I particularly like just before bedtime.  It tastes refreshing and delicious as well.


I absolutely love these teas and will purchase the refills when I run out.


What are your favourite herbal tea blends?  Please feel free to share.



Lola ♡




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